On the Lucic family church in Burnaby, BC. Sorry you had to see that. From Larrybrownsports.com

I think the moment the podcast officially derails is the moment we start comparing Jay Feaster to a Pelican, but I can’t exactly be sure.

Whenever the moment was, these are things we talked about today:

* Some idiot ”Canuks” fans vandalized the church Lucic’s family attends in Burnaby

* Niklas Grossman got traded from Dallas to Philadelphia. OMG.

* Chara took a puck to the face and Habs fans cheered. Is that okay or no? (No)

* Colin Campbell found that nothing wrong happened with the clock in LA, because the clock-maker and time-keeper told him it didn’t. But don’t worry, he’s “clamping down” on clock errors

* BEERABILITY – Yeah I’d say we derailed pretty good here. Fun!

* Seattle is trying to get an NHL team

* Caller questions!

* And much more

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