Not the injury in question, but still. Ouch.

Let the record show I didn’t know this was physically possible, but I now know it is and… well, gross.

Douglas Murray has been ruled out of the San Jose Sharks lineup for the time being because of a (brace yourself) BROKEN ADAM’S APPLE. I’m not sure whether or not you should digest this information because, all told, it’s pretty gross.

Murray was injured in the Sharks 6-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday and didn’t finish the game. He explains the injury in conversation with David Pollak of the Mercury News.

Did get here in time to talk with Douglas Murray, who did not skate and won’t be playing tomorrow after a puck ramped up his stick and struck him in the throat..

He was wearing a heavy winter coat and a scarf wrapped around his neck, so I had to ask:

That scarf because of the cold weather or to hide some serious bruising?

He answered by taking off the scarf. No bruising, no visible signs of anything after he was hit by the puck about four minutes into Thursday night’s game in Tampa Bay. He still isn’t skating, but right now it’s strictly as a precautionary matter.

The problem is a fractured Adam’s apple that – if swelling occurs – would seriously and dangerously hamper his breathing.

.”What the doctors have told me, they call it prime real estate,” Murray said of the damaged area. “There’s not a lot of room there so any type of swelling becomes a major thing, though it’s nothing major right now.”

But right now, he feels fine.

“There’s nothing I can really feel. It’s more doctors that are going to make a decision on it. It can get a lot worse and it’s something you don’t want to mess around with,” he said. “Right now I just listen to what the doctors say.”

The injury occurred when Vincent Lecavalier was making a play toward the net.

“I wanted to break up the pass,” Murray said, “and it deflected right up into my Adam’s apple.”

That sounds just awful. Murray is obviously a key cog in the San Jose machine and losing him for an extended period of time would be a huge absence for the Sharks. I can’t even imagine what the potential complications would be regarding a puck to the throat which causes a BROKEN ADAM’S APPLE so I can only hope that Murray recovers quickly with no complications.

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