Sad Bryz.

Ilya Bryzgalov is a deep dude. At the very least he’s a dude who says things that make you go ‘huh’. Conveniently, he has become the recipient of some heavy scrutiny this season which means he gets microphones in his face more often than not.

As I’m sure we all remember from his stint on 24/7, Bryzgalov is pretty quotable. With a nine year deal to his name I’m looking forward to hearing more of what he has to offer to all of us hockey fans who like a good quote. He had a few good ones after today’s 6-4 loss against Pittsburgh.

Sarah Baicker of informs us:

“It’s an easy life when you can blame the one guy,” he said. “‘It’s a bad goal. It’s the goalie’s mistake.’ It’s easy to find a scapegoat when you point to one guy and say, ‘We’re always losing because we have a bad goalie.’ But I think it’s the wrong philosophy.

“I know I was frustrated with my game today and I know I’ve got to be better. I will continue to work on this, but I’m just trying to find peace in my soul to play in this city.”

Now, it’s no secret that Bryzgalov has been much better before, he’s still struggling. That being said though, Baicker is correct to point out that it’s not squarely on him.

Bryzgalov is not the sole reason for the Flyers’ struggles. Far from it, in fact. The team continues to cough up pucks a bit too easily, to get sloppy with passes and to allow the opposition to crash too hard in on their net. Even with the addition of big defenseman Nick Grossman, there are still obvious holes on the blue line.

Here’s Bryzgalov addressing his scapegoat status.

We’ll see if the addition of Pavel Kubina does anything to offset the problems the Flyers have defensively. Regardless of how much of an impact he brings, if you’re Ilya Bryzgalov you have to step up and make the big saves at the big times. This team dismantled itself to have you in the fold as its number one ‘tender and you haven’t delivered at all on that.

It’s unfortunate that Bryzgalov has struggled this much since joining Philly, because he’s a spectacular goaltender when he’s on his game. Both the team and Bryz need to improve going forward if this team is to win a Cup. When history looks back on what teams collapsed it doesn’t highlight what did the job, it just says which team. That’s the main issue here and the Flyers need to sort out that mess.