That probably doesn't smell pleasant

Every Vancouver Canucks fan in the world had the last laugh over the center of the universe tonight as the Canucks absolutely throttled the Toronto Maple Leafs to the tune of 6-2 in prime time on Saturday night. Well, I should say prime Eastern time because the game actually happened much, much earlier in Vancouver to accommodate the eastern viewers. On the bright side, your nights were free to do, you know, whatever.

A couple of thoughts from each team for this game:

- The Sedins are really, really good. Not much else needs to be explained here.

- The Leafs are still far from being an elite team, though I maintain they’re on the right path.

- The Canucks are very much an elite team and could very well win a Cup this year. I worry about them burning out but then again, the Penguins and Red Wings made it to the dance in consecutive seasons and came away with a win apiece. Maybe the Canucks are the 2012 Pens.

- The Kessel-Bozak-Lupul line is the only one which can truly dominate against all opponents for Toronto. Everyone else, including the Grabovski line, was very hit and miss.

- Despite how much I love watching the Sedins I maintain that Ryan Kesler is the best player on that team and would gladly pluck him from that roster to start my own dream team.

- The Leafs team defense still has A LOT of work to do.

Oh, by the way, someone threw a fish on the ice after a Canucks goal. Look:

A couple of thoughts from the fish:

- Who smuggles a fish into a rink?

- How does that person smuggle a fish into a rink?

- That probably smelled really bad come the third period.

- I guess this is a thing now since it’s not the first time it has happened.

I guess when it’s time for the Canucks next jersey redesign which I’m sure will be in six weeks (I kid, I kid, relax), they could consider incorporating a salmon. It would make a great tradition when they take on the Detroit Octopi, the Florida Rats and the Toronto Maple Waffles.