Peters stalks his prey

Bit of a dust up at the end of today’s Minnesota/St. Louis tilt as a scrum broke out in front of the Wild goal with just under four minutes to play. In said scrum, David Backes hit the ice hard after getting triple teamed by three Minnesota players. We found out why upon further review.

As the scrum built and three players converged on Backes, we see Warren Peters cross check Backes in the side of the head. Right after, Backes drops and is quite slow to get up. Ken Hitchcock has informed the world he is okay, but it didn’t look great right after.

Take a look..

This is a minimum two game suspension as far as I’m concerned. Peters claims there was no malice, but there’s no excuse for not controlling your stick. The fact is he made the effort to lay a whack on Backes there, it caught him in the head and as a result he deserves to be suspended.

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UPDATE: Here’s the Clutterbuck hit on Pietrangelo which the comment below alludes to. I’d have to think Cal gets at least two games for this one.