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This will no doubt lead to further accusations of my Phaneuf Phetish, but it’s an interesting debate nonetheless. For whatever reason Dion has had an interesting history against the Devils since joining the Leafs. You’ll recall his first game as a Leaf was against the Devils and he fought Colin White within 10 minutes of puck drop. There was last year’s Boxing Day dust-up with Ilya Kovalchuk in New Jersey. That history was added to on Tuesday night.

In the first period of Tuesday’s Leafs/Devils tilt, Phaneuf goes into the corner with Devils captain Zach Parise, and engages him twice. The first time they make contact is pretty harmless with Parise taking the worse of the exchange going hard into the boards. The second encounter is up for debate as Parise is leveled with a borderline hit. It looks to be the classic Phaneuf tucked shoulder hit, but it does appear to make direct contact with Parise’s head.

Take a look.

I’ll be honest: I don’t think that this play was all that bad – just a fast paced encounter in the corner. On one hand it does look like Phaneuf makes contact with the head, but on the other I think it may have been exacerbated by the speed of what happened. I could very well be wrong here, this is just how I see it.

What say you Backhand Shelfers? Good hit? Disciplinary action? Tell me.

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  1. Well that was some unbiased announcing on that fight

  2. If you freeze it around 6.9 seconds there is no question that it is an elbow to the head. Because he’s not charging at the guy it’s not as serious but it should be looked at.

  3. I’m pretty anti-Phaneuf but I don’t have any problem with that. it’s not even a hit. It’s more of a hard push with his elbow that knocks him off balance.

    If the elbow does hit Parise’s head it certainly doesn’t do so with any force. All the force has gone into his chest by then

  4. Phaneuf is a punk. First of all, your video doesnt show how Phaneuf first said “no” twice to Clarkson when asked to fight, and then Phanuef threw the first punch with his visor down. He’s lucky Clarkson came all the way across the ice, becuase he deserved 2 minutes for starting a fight with his visor on, and also 2 for the head shot to Parise. It was an elbow to the head and thats always dirty IMO. No reason to make the main point of contact the head.

  5. IF YOU WATCH phaneuf when hes challenged he keeps chirping and says no i dont want to fight and when the other player drops his guard PHANEUF GRABS HIM AND starts throwing. HE WILL JUST SKATE AWAY IF IT IS SOMEONE HE THINKS HE CANT BEAT
    i have seen this more than a few times

  6. I think the main problem is that Parise wasn’t prepared for that contact. Dion makes a good hit, puck is gone, Parise thinks contact is over. Phaneuf decides to pop Parise again for good measure.

    Clarkson takes care of a dirty play on the ice, as it should be. No reason for anything supplemental. Thankfully the stripes didn’t call an instigator.

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