Heading to Denver

Steve Yzerman was clearly sick of Paul Holmgren running the trade deadline show and decided “Hey, how about I get involved in this.” What better way to kick things off than a three team deal.

Here’s the breakdown of what exactly happened.

To Colorado:
Steve Downie

To Tampa Bay (By way of Detroit):
2012 1st Round Pick
Sebastien Piche

To Detroit (By way of Tampa Bay):
Kyle Quincey

For Colorado, I think this is a positive deal. Obviously Quincey is a very solid defenceman but one thing the Avs have been sorely lacking is some gritty scoring. The extent of the Avs toughness up front is, by and large, Cody McLeod who is a pretty one dimensional type of guy. Sure, you get lots of toughness but there’s not much else that comes with the package.

In the Downie addition, Colorado gets a guy who will do the dirty work, stick up for his teammates and score at a fairly good pace. He looks poised to hit the 20 goal plateau once again this season and as another young piece, I suspect he’ll be a positive addition to the team. The key for Colorado is keeping Downie out of the press box for crossing that line he likes to toe. He’s an RFA to boot, so Colorado has some freedom to decide his future at the end of the season.

It’s pretty clear at this point that the Lightning have decided to phone in their season and stockpile draft picks. With the pick they have acquired, they now have two first round picks and three second rounders which could turn into four depending on the outcome of the Kris Versteeg trade. Now, the jury is still out on Yzerman’s ability to draft, but the immense number of picks gives him a lot of flexibility for additional trades.

All in all this has been a very positive trade deadline period for the Lightning. Either they get to stockpile prospects or package the better part of six picks for additional assets. You can’t complain about that. The acquisition of Piche is a nice add in for Tampa, as they get a guy with some offensive tool who may have the opportunity to contribute at some point down the road. Low risk, potential reward.

The Red Wings are an interesting team in this deal as you wouldn’t necessarily figure that they’re in the market for defensive depth, but they have gone out and got some nonetheless. Quincey is a fairly underrated guy, in large part because Colorado has slipped into anonymity in recent years, and could play in the top four of most teams in the league. When you consider the fact that he’ll most likely be toiling on Detroit’s bottom pair, it’s a great sign for how much talent they have down the stretch.

The Red Wings overpaid for Quincey in my opinion, but the part we overlook as armchair GMs is that every player is valued differently by each team. If the additional defensive depth provided by Quincey is what propels the Wings past the likes of Vancouver, San Jose, et al., then the price was absolutely right.

What do you think of the deals? Winners? Losers? Too much? Too little?

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