By now, fans are getting used to this stuff.

The three stars of a game on any given night are generally selected based purely on the players boxcar numbers (“ooo, two assists!”), and often wildly miss who were the most important players. So, teams started handing out their own little “player of the game” awards in the dressing room, and the trophy generally reflects the overall personality of the team.

The New York Rangers have their broadway hat, which is fun. Last year the Bruins passed around that awful 90′s jacket. The Penguins reportedly toss around some kind of shovel.

But come on. The Phoenix Coyotes are doing it best.

Keith Yandle and his dry sense of humour kill me (watch any clip in the Coyotes video section). The WWE championship belt – John Cena style.

(Oh, and for some bonus Coyotes love: Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal reports that a sale of the team could happen soon to Greg Jamison. ESPN’s Scott Burnside refuted that, saying things are status quo, but it does seem that things are heating up in Arizona.)

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