A few caveats on this week’s edition of 5-on-5 with Rob Pizzo and I:

First, I already disagree with myself on the first answer. When we discussed it, the trade had JUST happened (we recorded yesterday afternoon), and I hadn’t had time to really flesh out the details. I don’t think anyone dominated that trade, and I don’t think anyone got smoked. Just a few teams looking for something different, so…the use of “obviously” in my first answer annoys me.

Second, my whiteboard is always visible during these segments, and I had a couple questions about the phrases written on it (the video has been viewable on theScore’s video page since yesterday) - that’s where I keep my list of potential article ideas, so what you’re seeing says “Follow-up on gay athletes” and “Well, I was wrong” (both things I’ve written before), so to those who asked…there you go.

And last, my tongue is blue from eating Robin Eggs. …Not actually ones, the Easter candy.

So now you know what you need to know: watch and listen to Pizzo and I discuss the Quincey/Downie/1st trade, who’s the front-runner to add Rick Nash, who you’d love to see him have for a center, which teams in the West will make the playoffs, and when the Detroit Red Wings home winning streak will come to an end: