Ohhh now, that headline wasn’t very fair. Let me clarify:

The Columbus Blue Jackets traded Antoine Vermette – a very good defensive center with three additional years left on a deal worth an annual 3.75 million dollar cap hit – to the Phoenix Coyotes for a 2nd round pick, a 5th, and minor league tender Curtis McElhinney (who between you, me, and the internet, isn’t all that good).

Coyotes GM Don Maloney operates under an agreed upon budget that the NHL has allotted him until the team is sold, and he’s free to do what he pleases from there. (Given the Coyotes success with relative “no-name” players, can you imagine what he thinks of other GMs that spend to the cap and lose? I bet he thinks “Boy, I should really try to trade with them.”)

With the likelihood of prospects panning out, and the time it takes to develop them, I award Maloney the gold star below for winning the trade. Vermette should be a perfect fit with the already stingy Coyotes.

Yeah, I’d say that was big enough.

If you care about things like advanced stats, Vermette has been very unlucky this year (PDO of 952), and hasn’t got the bounces (his shooting percentage is far below where it’s usually at).

As for Columbus, I’m not sure what the plan is here. Those picks are years away from helping a team who desperately needs it now. And as Wyshynski joked on twitter:

He’s kidding around, but man…it’s gonna be awkward if the home fans don’t have A player  to vote in, even with their bias.

As the trade market starts to become more active, there’s something I want to point you guys towards: this time of year, it can be tough to keep track of the exact details of every move.

It’s not to hard to remember the notable names, but from now until Tuesday, a lot of small parts will move too.

theScore has created their Trade Tracker here, which I suggest you bookmark immediately. Anytime you’d like to know what’s going on or if you missed anything, feel free to give it a click. It’s updated as things happen, so you should never miss a beat.

So, on to the next one Mr. Howson. Jeff Carter to the Leafs for more picks and goalies?