I know I’m not supposed to like the guy, but I do. I really have no idea why,  seeing he has given us so many reasons to hate him, but I find myself smiling every time he does…well…anything. Take last night for example; he returns to Montreal for the first time since being traded in 2006. Scores a goal and when he was named first star, he goes out and does this:

That’s friggen hilarious. He is the type of guy that absolutely embraces the role of a heel (for those of you that don’t know a thing about the world of professional wrestling, a heel is a villain or a “bad guy”). He is kind of like Jesse “the Body” Ventura. Remember when the “bad guy” would bring in an illegal object into the ring, the good guy would steal the object and use it himself, only to have Ventura say something like “Monsoon, that’s unsportsmanlike behavior by the Hulkster”. Ventura and Ribeiro are both guys that fed off people hating them. Now sometimes he jumps to that role a little too quickly, like back in 2008, after this absolutely sick shootout winner:

Great move, hilarious taunt, but the Kings won the game, but hey I still laughed. One of his most “famous” moves involves pretending he is hurt and none was more famous than this one

I want to get something straight, I would never do some of the things that he does, in fact if I was on the other team I would want to downright kill him. However as a fan he has made me laugh more times than not. Even when he pulls his antics against my beloved Red Wings

Ribeiro will never win any popularity contests, but the difference between him and many other hated players in history (ie: Claude Lemieux, Ulf Samuelsson) is that Ribiero blends agitating, with entertainment. Oh yeah, the guy can score some sick goals too.



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  1. I heard a story from a couple old teammates who played hockey at McGill (major Canadian university hockey program in Montreal).

    During the lockout, occasionally a couple NHLers would drop by for a skate with the team. They were all nice guys, but Vinny Lecavalier was specifically mentioned as a being just a great guy. But the NHL guys would pick up pucks after practice, tell stories, hang around, etc etc.

    Except one guy would come in, never helped out or interacted with anyone, just showed up, skated, and left.

    Yep, Mike Ribeiro.

    Being a jerk on the ice or faking-injuries is meh. but a story like that tells you who the guy really is.

    • “Being a jerk on the ice or faking-injuries is meh. but a story like that tells you who the guy really is.”

      Which is what … a guy who didn’t pick up pucks after a skate and regale the locals with stories from the Bigs? Seems a little presumptuous to think that those few months fully define who Ribs or Vinny or any of those guys are. You can draw the conclusion that Ribeiro is a reserved, closed off person in public while Vinny is an egoist who likes to brag. Watch his post-game with the media last night, he seemed like an affable and appreciative guy there.

      • Fair, I suppose it could be interpreted either way, but the revulsion these guys had for Ribeiro, combined with my respect for their ability to judge character (we played together a long time) means he’s probably a huge doucher.

      • “Ribs?” Vinny?” You got these guys on speed dial right? Not first name basis NICKNAME BASIS? Give your head a shake Dummy. When was the last time these “BEST” friends of yours made YOUR phone ring.

  2. I’m pretty sure he was married to J-Lo too. Gotta give him props for that right?

  3. We have upper deck tickets for the Wild. A year or so ago, during a Stars game, we move down to the lower bowl a few rows back from the glass on a corner, where the face-off circle is closest to the boards. A few rows ahead of us, on the glass are two pretty middle-aged women. Ribero lines up for a face-off right in front of them — and wiggles his butt. The women squeal like teenagers. It was hilarious. That’s the likeable side of Mike. He brings a little genuine Slap Shot to the rink.

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