Veer West, Jeff.

It looks like one of the many sagas in Columbus will be coming to a somewhat satisfying end in the near future as it is becoming increasingly clear that Jeff Carter is just about a member of the Los Angeles Kings. That being said, a deal hasn’t been finalized and any players involved would have to pass a physical. This deal is reportedly close, but not quite there.

What is reportedly coming back to Columbus is Jack Johnson and a first round pick. Digest that for a moment.

I understand that Carter hasn’t had the most sparkling tenure in Columbus, but seriously? This is a guy who is just entering his physical prime, averages 30 goals per season, is probably going to score another 25 this year despite missing a boatload of games, and has gone deep in the playoffs before.

If I’m the Los Angeles Kings and I escape with Jeff Carter for the price of Jack Johnson and a first round pick, I’m laughing all the way to the bank. Not many teams can match a Kopitar-Richards-Carter-Stoll center combo and it would have some longevity to it yet.

All of this comes back to the question I asked last week: WHY ARE WE LEAVING THESE DECISIONS TO SCOTT HOWSON???

Columbus is going to trade one of the post-lockout era’s top scorers for an overpaid, one dimensional defenceman and a draft pick which may not be particularly high in the first round? I can’t get on board with this deal from a Columbus perspective if it stands pat at all.

Thoughts folks? I’m particularly interested in hearing what Kings/Jackets fans have to say. Comment, #BShelf, Facebook.

UPDATE: The deal is done, and has been confirmed by the Los Angeles Kings, with the expected Carter for Johnson and a first round pick being the exchange. Only thing standing in the way of it going through now is a failed physical which seems unlikely.

For all of the folks who are quick to bash the Richards-Carter combo, I find it very interesting how quickly the public perception of these guys changed. As of the end of the Stanley Cup finals this year we all thought Philadelphia had a great core to build around with Richards and Carter leading the way and the likes of JVR, Hartnell et al., filling in around them. Then all of a sudden they’re traded and they’re problem children? Come on. I have no doubt that Richards and Carter party as hard as they come, but to suggest that they were going to prevent Philadelphia from winning a Stanley Cup is ridiculous. The goaltending was the issue at the time, it was when they were traded and it still is today. Great job by the Flyers to control the media spin after blowing up their core, but the Kings are a better team after this trade and I have no doubt that they will provide a potent force for years to come.

Oh and they’re playing BEHIND Anze Kopitar, so yeah, that.

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  1. I am a fan of neither, but have Carter as a keeper.

    I just did the Wayne Gretzky at the SLC Olympics double fist pump and yell f@ck yeah move.

  2. Many Kings fans really don’t want to give up Johnson for this deal. You’re analysis of him is actually incorrect. He has matured greatly since joining the Kings and can be a dominating force in any game, and he has much more of a career left than Carter. With the plethora of young defensemen the Kings have, they’d be better off trading someone who the Kings haven’t invested so much time in to. Johnson has worked his way into the core of the Kings and Dean Lombardi is making a terrible trade trying to save his job after hiring another defensive minded coach to solve their offensive problems.

    • I really couldn’t disagree more. Johnson is a guy who, in my estimation, represents a lot of the defensive problems with LA. He doesn’t move the puck well and his offensive game hasn’t improved all that much despite plenty of opportunity. I also don’t agree that he has a all that much of a career left given that he’s only really a year younger than Carter is.

      If I’m a Kings fan, I don’t know how you can’t be thrilled with adding a bonafide 30 goal scorer who makes your team arguably the hardest to match up with down the middle. You gave up a $4.4 million cap hit D-Man and replaced him with what looks like a better one in Voynov from your system.

      • Also Johnson’s defensive numbers, whether they be +/- or anything more advanced, are all terrible. His offensive counting numbers aren’t bad, but look deeper and you find that even they aren’t that good. Couple that with the fact that he’s been playing behind one of the better goalies in the entire NHL – and that reads to me like he’s going to be an absolute DISASTER once he’s playing in front of Steve Mason.

        Also keep in mind that if LA’s pick is a top 14 pick this year, THEY KEEP IT!!! So it gives LA a full year to get better if they don`t make the play-offs this year!

        How Howson agreed to this deal, I just don`t know.

      • Voynov is the big thing – there’s no way he’s worse than JJ RIGHT THIS MINUTE and has a much higher upside, without the attitude issues.

        Basically, the Kings traded a spare part and a mid-first-round pick for a guy they desperately needed. This is a very smart trade on their part, and anyone sorry to see JJ go doesn’t know a thing about the Kings.

    • -83 for his budding career. I’d say he wasn’t considered ‘core’.

  3. I’m fairly certain you are wrong. Carter is a much more valuable asset than Johnson, in my mind. He scores GOALS. I don’t know if you have noticed but the Kings haven’t been doing much of that, and I find Johnson to be soft physically and mentally. The pick will probably end up being middle of the round, which could be a total gamble. Lombardi fleeced Howson on this one.

  4. Steal for the Jackets. 1st round pick AND Jack Johnson (Former 1st rounder) for Carter? Yeah sure, LA wins in the short term but come on, they gave up a lot. Jackets will get 2 top 20 picks in the first round including 1st overall AND a potent J.J.

  5. So pretty much over the last 9 months CBJ traded Carter, Voracek, Cousins, Couturier to get Jack Johnson and a mid !st round pick. If carter can regain his form and become a 35+ goal score again and Voracek, Couturier can develope into at least 2ncd line forwards with 60+ point potential. This might go down as one of the worst trades in history.

    • ^This.

    • I am not disagreeing with you AJ, but that’s a bit of a misrepresentation. You can’t say they traded Carter AND the stuff they originally traded for him. They started with Voracek, Cousins, and Couturier and wound up with Johnson and a 1st.

      Despite the 8 month gap it’s still like a 3 team trade and it’s unfair to lump the original assets of two teams into one column.

      • Could it be that when looking at the big picture and the last two seasons of trades for these teams they both failed miserably?

        If we play the same game for LA as AJ did with CBJ above we get:

        Penner and the Animal House-twins Carter and Richards to LA while they lost – Teubert, a 1st, Schenn, Simmonds, a 2nd and now Jack Johnson and a 1st.

        Please correct me if I got it wrong but… that’s pretty bad.

        • Here’s the thing, though – Teubert and Johnson were easily replaced by the Kings. Hickey and Forbort are much better prospects than Teubert (who’s got the usual “overrated because he was on the World Junior team” thing to him – he’s going to be lucky to develop into a second-pairing guy since he has no offensive game whatsoever). Muzzin and especially Voynov will easily make up for JJ, who only plays at his best when he gets Doughty-like minutes. And he’s too much of a defensive risk to do that.

          (And there’s always the most intriguing D prospect in the system – Deslauriers.)

          So, since the Ds were surplus parts, it comes down to Schenn and Simmonds, and the picks for Carter and Richards. That’s a pretty good return for the Kings – they don’t need the picks at this stage in the game, and Richards is more versatile than Schenn is and likely will be for the next five years.

          The Kings’ farm system is absurdly deep on D and in the net (Marty Jones would probably be a backup upgrade for 2/3rds of the NHL).

  6. I think this ends up being a pretty good deal for Columbus. Essentially if LA makes the playoffs, the Jackets get a first round pick, plus they add a defenceman who can play beside one of the best fellatio mimes in the league.

    I would just worry that Carter is being over hyped. He is a 30-goal scorer…on a team that had you looking left, right, and center at scoring depth. Philly had three solid lines of guys who could put the puck in the net so defensive strategies never had to focus specifically on Carter.

    Now he wasn’t motivated to play well in Columbus, boo hoo, whatever. The guy didn’t care enough to really put the puck away, I get it. I still feel that LA is not as deep of a team as the Flyers of the last few years. Carter is going to get more attention on LA than he did in Philly. Then there is the question of the injury bug. Carter tends to get injured thus negating any positive play he may establish on the Kings. I’m still surprised a bit at the deal, but I also like Lombardi.

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