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I’m not a huge fan of the spin-o-rama on a penalty shot, and the recent surge in players using it is starting to make me angry.

Something about it seems inherently unfair - a player is moving towards the net to shoot or deke, then is allowed to halt his natural flow of progress and take the necessary time to get the puck around his body and shoot. I love it in actual game play, where you’re good to do whatever you want to score, but on a penalty shot? No thanks.

And, it’s overstated (and borderline untrue) that it’s a difficult move to pull off. Hey, that NHLer can do a tight turn!

Then add the fact that the embarrassment risk is officially gone. When PM Bouchard was first doing it years ago, there was the risk of being labelled as a show-boater, as cocky, as the guy who wasted a legit scoring chance because he wanted to be showy. Now that we know how effective it is, when someone misses on an attempt it’s just another missed attempt.

Further, my lawn: please get off it.

In this video, theScore’s Jackie Redmond talks about the spin-o-rama with NHLers who apparently like the move more than me, and she shares some stats on the spin’s success rate (with fancy graphics!). You’ll be shocked to learn it’s pretty damn effective.


If I may, a quick “Squeeee!” for Datsyuk floater goal. Also, Henrik, we’d love to see that move buddy. Bust it out.