Between being a healthy scratch tonight, and the comments he made to reporters about it, it may not be a huge leap to suggest that Roman Hamrlik’s relationship with Dale Hunter and the Washington Capitals is becoming somewhat toxic.

Hamrlik is apparently going to be healthy scratched tonight for a bad penalty he took in the previous game, and the irony of Dale Hunter punishing someone for bad penalties was not lost on the Caps blueliner.

From the Caps beat reporter from 106.7 The FAN:


Ahhhh, easy now.

Hamrlik has some set of stones taking a little potshot at Hunter (if you perceive it as that, which I do) for two reasons.

First off, coaching has always been “Do as I say, not as I do.” They’re free to learn from past mistakes and physical shortcomings to guide others. It’s long been said that Tiger Woods swing coach of old, Butch Harmon, has never broken 80 in his life.

Secondly, Hamrlik is a mediocre-to-sub-mediocre defender who’s making 3.5 mill for each of the next two seasons, so he’s going to be extremely difficult to trade. That means he’s going to be stuck on a team with a coach who hates him, which is about as fun as living with your ex-wife.

We’ll keep our eyes on this situation going forward. If I could just get Bodog to give me gambling odds on “Will Roman Hamrlik and Dale Hunter both be employed by the Washington Capitals at the start of the 2012-2013 season,” I’d sell my car to pour money on the “No.”


(For more on the Hamrlik situation, check out Chuck Gormley’s full piece “Hamrlik questions Hunter.”)