As you’ve likely noticed, Trade Deadline Day in the NHL also doubles as Media Mayhem Day. Everybody has a show, a podcast, a running diary, a live chat, a….you get the picture. The sheer volume of working media that day is insane. I can’t be the only person who’s had ”Too many cooks spoil the broth” run through their head in previous years.

We’re not exactly going understated here at theScore in our coverage, but we think you’ll find it a little more light-hearted (while informed) and palatable than some of your other options.

From 11-4 PM EST I’ll be co-hosting a live stream with Derek Snider (of our beerability segments and numerous things more important than that), with a ton of features, such as:

* Heavy gambling on trade predictions, with all bet-losers having to do embarrassing things.

* Division previews, analysis of trades to date.

* Buyer vs. Seller – basically debate class for NHL GMs, myself vs. Jesse Fuchs.

* The terribly named segment “All a-Twitter with Jackie,” in which Jackie Redmond walks listeners through the most frequently tweeted NHL names as a gauge for who’s seeing the most interest.

* Breaking updates from Jackie.

* Historical and Capgeek segments with Jess Fuchs.

* Power rankings.

* Beerability power rankings, and how the trades have affected team beerability. We also got a handful of NHLers to talk beerability (seriously cool – Marty Brodeur was one of the guys Jackie got to weigh in on it), so we’ll play those clips.

* And of course, many, many interviews. Here’s who we have confirmed so far, and there’ll likely be a few surprise guests as well:

Elliotte Friedman (HNIC – CBC)
Mike Halford (Pro Hockey Talk)
Jason Brough (Pro Hockey Talk)
Dave Lozo (
Katie Baker (Grantland/ESPN)
Katie Strang (ESPN)
Todd Lewis (Hockey Primetime Radio)
Sean Gentille (Sporting News)
Ryan Lambert (Puck Daddy/Backhand Shelf)
Cam Charron (Backhand Shelf)

Aside from the live stream, theScore’s TV coverage will feature Rob Pizzo, Cam Stewart, and Paul Brothers – they’ll be breaking in with updates and analysis every 15 minutes from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM. For those of you who aren’t great at math, just know that that’s a lot of updates and information coming your way.

The link to where people can listen to the audio stream is here.

theScore’s trade tracker is here, and it’s fantastic. There’s also a tab in there where people can follow tweets from all the NHL insiders who will be breaking trades.

The blog will be up and running all day with instant analysis from our own Chris Lund, including a number of infographs which the guys at theScore offices always knock out of the park.

And, to top it all off, myself, Rob Pizzo and Jackie Redmond will be doing a wrap-up podcast at the end of the day with everything you need to know, short and sweet.

If that’s not enough coverage, well, then you’re absolutely bonkers for hockey and need to seek medical advice. Tune in, turn on, get involved. We’re looking forward to it.

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  1. I strongly think that if Nash isn’t dealt they might not get a deal done in offseason either.
    Fopr the price they are asking it’s just not fisable. Especially with other big names available. Burke has to make a huge splash today. Brown would be a great asset, they really need to push for goaltending. Reimer has to stay so it would be Monster leaving in a deal. And possibly aquiring a D-man wouldn’t hurt. Burke should make a push to get at least 1 player from each of those positions then they should be setup to make a run. Ron Wilson should be replaced next year aswell. Couldn’t do it in San Jose and looks like he ain’t doin it in T.O.

  2. Caps could make a huge Splash aswell with the cap room they saved from Backstrom.
    They need a top 6 forward and a top 4 D-man. Something to kick start the rest of the team. Ovechkin could be nearing the end of his tenure ias a Capital if he doesn’t turn things around. Don’t be surprised to hear his name in some rumours. Canucks are one man away from a cup and his name is Steve Ott. But probly won’t happen unless Dallas throws the towel on the season. Van has to move schneider today or before next season.
    Way to good to be sitting on the bench. And they could aquire that missing link by moving him. Good for at least a first round pick and a top 6 forward or top 4 D-man. Maybe Burke should look towards that alternative aswell. Schneider would be perfect for T.O. and burke has the assets to get a deal done.

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