This summer, Dean Lombardi decided to really take a swing for the fences to put his Los Angeles Kings over the top. He brought in dynamic centerman Mike Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers by shipping out some talented young pieces who weren’t quite “there” yet.

After noticing that his Kings were somehow 30th in the NHL in goals-per-game and 10th in the Western Conference despite his big trade, he decided he had to to do more. So yesterday, he shook the core of the team by trading out Jack Johnson, a 25 year old defenseman who planned on being there until 31, and brought in proven goal-scorer Jeff Carter and the remaining 10 years of his contract.

And now news comes that Lombardi is STILL not done trying to give his team that final shove towards success: by all accounts, he has his 27-year old captain Dustin Brown on the trading block. Kings core out, Philly’s core in. Craziness.





Quite the interesting shake-up going on in LA. Lombardi is desperately trying to transform that team into a winner, and it looks like nobody’s safe in the overhaul.