This summer, Dean Lombardi decided to really take a swing for the fences to put his Los Angeles Kings over the top. He brought in dynamic centerman Mike Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers by shipping out some talented young pieces who weren’t quite “there” yet.

After noticing that his Kings were somehow 30th in the NHL in goals-per-game and 10th in the Western Conference despite his big trade, he decided he had to to do more. So yesterday, he shook the core of the team by trading out Jack Johnson, a 25 year old defenseman who planned on being there until 31, and brought in proven goal-scorer Jeff Carter and the remaining 10 years of his contract.

And now news comes that Lombardi is STILL not done trying to give his team that final shove towards success: by all accounts, he has his 27-year old captain Dustin Brown on the trading block. Kings core out, Philly’s core in. Craziness.





Quite the interesting shake-up going on in LA. Lombardi is desperately trying to transform that team into a winner, and it looks like nobody’s safe in the overhaul.

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  1. Brown’s quietly been available since the last offseason. I think McKenzie’s got it backwards, though – the Kings like him just fine as a captain, but he’s a third-line player at best with limited utility outside that role. And he makes too much money for just being that role, being good in the community, and f*****g up the occasional winger with a big hit.

  2. Brown is definitely a second line player on most teams in the League.

    • I don’t know – he doesn’t do any one thing particularly well, in spite of having plenty of opportunities.

      I like the guy, but right now the Kings are overpaying for the intangibles he brings to the table.

  3. Would love to see brown come to motown…he could be the gritty tough guy that Detroit needs

  4. Although Detroit probably won’t go after him or be able to aquire him

  5. I know this isn’t HF Boards but I always think about the trade proposals for guys on the block.
    According to Bob’s tweet the following teams are interested:

    Scratch: NJD and VAN from the list. I don’t think they have the right pieces to make a deal work.

    BOS: I wouldn’t waste that kind of cap space on Brown when the off-season could result in Suter or Weber from Nashville. Also, they could use the cap space to get Nash if they want. I’d do this deal if those three players were off the table if I were Chiarelli.

    BUF: I am not sure who Buffalo uses to get Brown. Maybe Derek Roy?

    EDM: I think Lombardi makes a trade with EDM as long as they agree to take Penner with Brown.

    NYR: I think he’s down the list for the Rangers although I could definitely see him going here. If I’m Lombardi, I’d love to get Del Zotto back but Brown isn’t worth that. Maybe Rupp and a pick? Rupp is a solid team guy to have around.

    PHI: the Flyers would have to send more salary to the Kings than they receive back. Say: Simmonds and Schenn for Brown? Just kidding Flyer fans. I don’t see the Flyers getting this done.

    TOR: I like Toronto as the destination but only because Burke seems happy picking up American-born players. I could see Brown in a Leafs jersey. Say…Clarke MacArthur?
    I have a better proposal though: Kulemin, MacArthur, Reimer/Gustavvson, and maybe a pick, for Bernier, Brown, and a prospect like Hickey or Legien for example (not necessarily those guys). This makes both GM’s at least consider the trade, no?

  6. “Kulemin, MacArthur, Reimer/Gustavvson, and maybe a pick, for Bernier, Brown, and a prospect like Hickey or Legien for example (not necessarily those guys). ”

    In what universe? The Kings probably wouldn’t deal Hickey alone for that pile of crud, let alone throwing Brown and Bernier in there. Hickey projects as a top-four guy, but he hasn’t got the chance to play at that level since the Kings are loaded up on D.

    Bernier is going to be traded for a top-six forward only, which is why I’m guessing the deal with the Jackets was originally JJ and Bernier for Nash before Nash shot it down (becoming the first player ever to choose Ohio over California).

    Trading Bernier for a package that brings a goalie with less upside back makes no sense to anyone. The Kings don’t need Reimer – Marty Jones is basically the exact same player (Reimer was slightly better against equivalent competition in the AHL, but it’s like a 0.003 difference in save percentage).

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