Taking out the competition didn't help him score

For all we scrutinize every type of hit under the sun in this league, Scott Hartnell busted out one we haven’t seen since the Bryan Marchment era against the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday. Magnus Paajarvi was on the receiving end of said Marchment style hit and didn’t return. Nobody knows his status and it’ll be up in the air until Friday. Anyone who thought the Oilers could trade Paajarvi for some blueline help in the near future is now probably swearing.

This play develops with Paajarvi taking the puck over the Edmonton blueline. Instead of taking on one Flyers defender, he opts to chip it past him and go around. This turns out to be a mistake since Scott Hartnell had him lined up from about 10 feet away. The way their bodies collide means knee-on-knee contact at the point of the collision and Paajarvi doesn’t get up as the recipient of said contact.

Take a look.

Hartnell claims that the hit wasn’t an intentional play to injure Paajarvi and under the circumstances I believe him. The way Paajarvi braces himself to receive the hit drastically changes the point of contact on his body and ends up going knee on knee. I don’t know how the league will react, but from my standpoint I see it as an unfortunate hockey play. I’m sure this will get tons of complaints in the comments from angry Oilers fans, but that’s fine. I just don’t think he meant to do it. The whiff with the arms is what seals it for me as I just think the angle was wrong.

I will agree with one sentiment out there though and that is an unwillingness to police the game from an officiating standpoint created the mess. Players were taking shots here and there and that caused tempers to boil over. It also adds a nasty context to this particular hit – namely, that Hartnell was looking for blood after taking a shot from Corey Potter – and likely puts Hartnell’s next bit of wages up for debate in the league offices.

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  1. I agree with you Lund, Hartnell’s upper body is leaning forward, which throws the center of gravity off.

    To be honest, this looks like a bad charlie horse.

  2. Didn’t mean to do it?! What a load of crap.
    Rewind the play for 30-60 seconds. Potter gave Hartnell a good shot in the D zone which really pissed him off. He immediately got up and wanted to take someone’s head off. Completely premeditated and he deserved 10 and a game. As soon as that team starts losing they turn into cheapshot artists.

    • I watch the Flyers all the time and I find this comment to be untrue and entirely based on your preconceived perceptions when it comes to the Flyers.

      • Completely agree with Mr. Freeze. You obviously don’t watch the Flyers “all the time.” If you did, you would have seen the games versus NJ when the Flyers turned into a complete goon squad after giving up multiple goals.

        • Seriously?

          You’re sticking up for NJ? I suppose that dirt bag Scott Stevens never played for the all mighty Devils.

          Every team plays the same way. EVERY team.

  3. Mr Lund your not taking the previous 30 seconds into account when stating your opinion! This was entirely a reaction by the Flyers to a clean, NHL hit. My opinion is Harnell is lying about his intent and it was obvious he was looking for a pound of flesh! Just my opinion!

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