Is the title too over dramatic? It IS after all a guy traded to the Kings that can score goals. I guess the difference is when Gretzky was traded to the Kings, he was crying tears of sadness at leaving the city he had won championships, set records, and made lifelong friendships with. If Carter cried, it would clearly be tears of joy. Even though he denied requesting a trade earlier this season, he clearly wanted out of Columbus. Let’s not forget he signed an 11-year contract with the Flyers then was quickly sent to one of the worst teams in hockey. Would you be happy?

When his career is all said and done, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who picks Columbus when Jeff Carter is brought up while playing the Jersey Game (If you don’t know what the Jersey game is, it can be broken down like this: 1) close eyes 2) say players name 3) quickly say the first jersey you picture him in 4) watch guys get angry and offended at other peoples answers) .

Lets break down the “legacy” that is Jeff Carter’s stay in Columbus:

245: Number of Days that Carter was officially a Blue Jacket.

43%: Percentage of those days that was technically the offseason.

39: Number of games in a Blue Jackets uniform.

21: Number of games he missed because of injury since being traded to Columbus (35% of the season).

15: Number of goals he scored in a Blue Jackets uniform.

$292,682.92: Amount the Blue Jackets paid Carter for each goal he scored this year.

6%- Percentage of his contract he will have spent with Columbus (provided he doesn’t go back in the next 10 years).

10: Assists he had this season.

-11: Carter’s plus/minus as a Blue Jacket (he has only finished one season with a minus, back in 2006-07).

1: Game winning goals with Columbus.

6: Average number of GWG per season before being traded to Columbus.

18%: Percentage of Columbus Goals that Carter had a hand in.

26%: Percentage of Philadelphia Goals that Carter had a hand in the last 4 years.

I wonder if they will retire his number when he hangs them up???


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