Awww, loogit the happy couple

Jeff Carter and Mike Richards couldn’t get out of the way of the rumours in Philadelphia – they partied too much, they partied too hard, and that was why they could never win the big one.

They brought in Chris Pronger to change the culture of the team, and while they had one good run, it seemed like it didn’t work. They still wouldn’t sign up for Peter Laviolette’s asinine “Dry Island” idea, where guys would write their numbers on the whiteboard as a pledge to not drink for X amount of time (reportedly this happened on five seperate occasions).

They were bad guys. Or perhaps good guys with misplaced priorities.

Now, none of us, and I mean near-nobody outside of the Flyers dressing room has any idea if any of that’s true. They could be perfectly fine gents who rarely went out and the media misled us. After all, didn’t they hate Mike Richards for his abrasive personality or something?

But now that they’re reunited in Los Angeles, it’s time to ask the question: do those two have beerability? Have the stories made you want to spend more or less time with them?

They’re always lumped in as a package, now more-so than ever. Richards recently told reporters they still talked three to four times a week while Carter had his layover in Columbus on the way to LA, so I feel alright about judging them as a duo.

A few things of note on them before our verdict:

* When the trades happened, major outlets like NESN and ESPN wrote articles connecting their partying ways to their departures, so it wasn’t exactly fringe sources implying they went out a lot. It was likely happening.

* There are a number of pictures of them getting after it out on the town, like, oh, say, this one:

…So, do with that what you like.

* Jeff Carter has repeatedly been photographed in Ed Hardy shirts.

* The whole “Mike Richards abrasive personality” thing I mentioned earlier? Yeah that’s a real thing. He has that.

* Carter had a pretty solid pout going on in Columbus this year, which isn’t the coolest thing in the world.

….You see where this is going. The don’t have beerability, I think they have clubability. Especially now that they live in Los Angeles.

What that means is -, and as usual this is just going off what we can glean from appearances in the media - these are the type of guys you want to organize your bachelor party, not sit at a pub guy-to-guy with.

These are guys that will have a way around the line at some club with one name like Pure or Rust or Sting or something, know the bartender, have a table waiting, and order bottle service. They’d chase the pretty girls and forget you’re there.

To me, beerability centers around a casual, easy, likability. A guy with high beerability isn’t the guy checking his watch because he’s got crazy plans later in the night, and to me, that’s those two in a nutshell. Too cool for school.

I could be wrong, and there may be some great stories out there that I might be missing, but this week, the verdict is:

Carter and Richards have low beerability, high clubability.