Neil enjoys fighting Boston Bruins

As Bryan McCabe would gladly tell you I’m sure, fighting Zdeno Chara is no easy task. The fact he is much bigger and stronger than you generally means bad things. If my memory holds up, which it usually does, McCabe got whooped so bad by Chara that Bryan should probably be Raggedy Ann for Halloween every year until 33 years after the incident. It was embarassing.

Chris Neil isn’t a huge guy by NHL standards. Sure he’s scrappy as hell, but he’s not going to physically dominate you ever. In what you would normally file under “horrible life choices” he opted to fight Chara on Saturday after the Big Bruins captain was looking to teach Neil a lesson for clocking Johnny Boychuk. The funny part is, Neil didn’t get annihilated. In fact, he kinda, sorta, won.


I have decided to adapt what Neil does above into a five step action plan to beat Zdeno Chara in a fight.

Keys to beating Chara in a fight:
-Hold on really tight
-Don’t let go
-Don’t let him extend his arms
-Hope the above four things go well

If we go back in time, it’s clear that McCabe did it wrong. Very, very wrong.

How hard could it be? Shape up Bryan.

If you folks were to take one player in a fight against Chara who would it be? I’m going with John Scott of the Chicago Blackhawks. Comment, #BShelf, Facebook your best picks.

Here’s some post-fight reaction from Neil and Chara.