Henrik: Idiot or no?

Add Detroit to the list of cities that has had controversial run ins with the current edition of the Vancouver Canucks as Jimmy Howard had some choice words for their guests after the game. When asked about Alex Burrows’ streak snapping celebration, Howard replied that he didn’t “pay attention” because “They’ve got a bunch of idiots over there.”

Those of you who tuned in will note that the game was pretty heated from the opening puck drop. Todd Bertuzzi and Max Lapierre were going after each other from the opening faceoff, Jiri Hudler and Ryan Kesler were trading hacks, Daniel Sedin laid out Howard in his goal. All in all it was a pretty entertaining, physical game.

The man who provided the dagger – Burrows – isn’t exactly the most well liked guy in the league to begin with. All in all it was a recipe for high tempers and Howard delivered the quote everyone was hoping for one day later after practice. Per Art Regner of Fox Sports Detroit:

When Vancouver’s Alexandre Burrows scored his game-winning shootout goal Thursday night against the Detroit Red Wings, he celebrated by pretending to break his hockey stick across his knee.

Not only had the Canucks defeated the Wings, 4-3, they also halted Detroit’s NHL-record home winning streak at 23.

Burrows sent a clear message with his sophomoric move — the streak is broken.

After Friday’s practice, Red Wing goalie Jimmy Howard was asked if he saw what Burrows did after he scored against him.

“I don’t even pay attention,” Howard said of the Canucks. “They’ve got a bunch of idiots over there. There are only several good guys on that team, and they know who they are.”

Howard was matter-of-fact with his comments and said that he didn’t care if he was quoted.

Perhaps it’s a by-product of modern day viral media, but I can’t for the life of me think of a team in recent memory that is so universally disliked as the Canucks. Think back over the last 20 years – when was the last time one particular team had so many opponents come out and verbalize their distaste for a squad in this way in hopes of being quoted?

The Colorado Avalanche of the late 90s were pretty disliked but there did appear to be an underlying respect there. Same goes for the Stars, Red Wings, Devils, etc. They all had their rivalries and spats but there never seemed to be such an open willingness to bash the team and the character of their players. This Canucks team, for all of the things it does beautifully (read: hockey) is really disliked.

What do you gang think of these comments? Warranted? No? Is there any other team you can think of that was openly bashed as much as the modern day Canucks? Comment, #BShelf, Facebook.

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  1. haters gonna hate

  2. “Add Detroit to the list of cities that has had controversial run ins with the current edition of the Vancouver Canucks”

    Also add them to the list of teams that go into major sulks after being beaten by a superior (on the night) Vancouver team. Honestly, sometimes it would appear that the fact that hockey is just a game is proven by the childishness of some of the people who play it. Some teams claim to hate the Canucks. Some teams can’t help themselves from descending to the level of name calling and running to tell mummy.

    • The outlandish and unchecked arrogance of both the team and their fans is what gets most people I’d say. It’s not an accident that multiple teams and sources think they’re a bunch of dee-bags, and apparently their fans were SO convinced the finals last year were in the bag, that losing in 7 came as a……violent shock.

      • Look who’s talking about arrogance. A guy who thinks that his opinion trumps all other opinions and cites meaningless anecdotal evidence to prove it. Well, 28 teams weren’t in game seven last season and their fans can kvetch and moan all they like. Winning is quantifiable. Losers moan. Moan on Carl. Moan on.

  3. Jimmy Howard you’re a fucking sore looser. What an idiot just to show you didnt play well did you.?

    • Barely beat the best team in the league without the best player in the league, nucks fans going to be mad once again come playoff season :)

      • Yes Datsyuk didn’t play and the Canucks won, but your selective memory fails to recollect that Kesler was out for the 1st go around this year between these 2 great teams. Hope they meet in the Final 4.

  4. What can I say… So everyone hates the best!

    Haters are just jealous – So that makes the Canucks the most envied team in the league.

  5. Vancouver is full of complete douchenozzles, so no surprise here.

  6. Such intelligent responses. D and Carl resorting to using veiled insults towards women.
    D, are you in Grade 4? Both your mommies called… ( because very unlikely you are married or have girlfriends), clean up the basement deflate your inflatable doll, get out into the world, breath some fresh air!

    Most Canucks fans could care less what other team’s fans are saying, everyone will be very sad late June, but at least show some respect to females.

  7. K

    Which comment are you referring to when speaking about “D” Did you mean “B?”

  8. The Canucks are a talented team, no one denies that. Despite that, you dont hear so many players complain about any of the other teams that are equally as good. There is obviously merit behind these quotes. I think a small handful of those players really spoil the quality of the entire teams sportsmanship.

    As for everyone else disliking Vancouver.

    -You lost game 7
    -You rioted and destroyed your own city not once, but twice
    -You embaressed your city, and your country over a sporting event

    Its impossible to like what you can’t respect.

    • Dislike Vancouver as a city if you like… But the Canucks team did not do the rioting. In fact it was mostly Surrey scum bags who took the train into Vancouver (all ready drunk) to cause trouble.

      Boston was the better team in the finals. We all know this in Vancouver.

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