Boychuk is not unaccustomed to lying on the ice

Well, we had a clear cut winner for goal of the day earlier on Saturday with Evgeni Malkin’s personal game of Twister through the Tampa Bay Lightning that led to a beautiful finish. Chris Neil decided he’d try and put the hit of the day out of doubt against the Bruins on Saturday night and he may have done just that.

With the Sens down 3-1 to the Bruins in the third period and Johnny Boychuk carrying the puck out of his zone with his head down, Neil seized his opportunity to be real life physics as acceleration turned into collision turned into inertia as Boychuk hit the ice hard and Neil looked as though he may have put his shoulder out on the play.

Take a look. Brace for impact.

A sidebar to all this: clean hit. My initial thought was that it may have been a charge but Neil clearly stops striding, uses his shoulder and body and hits Boychuk square in the chest. Just a good ole fashioned hit.

I may or may not have sympathy pains right now.