Boychuk is not unaccustomed to lying on the ice

Well, we had a clear cut winner for goal of the day earlier on Saturday with Evgeni Malkin’s personal game of Twister through the Tampa Bay Lightning that led to a beautiful finish. Chris Neil decided he’d try and put the hit of the day out of doubt against the Bruins on Saturday night and he may have done just that.

With the Sens down 3-1 to the Bruins in the third period and Johnny Boychuk carrying the puck out of his zone with his head down, Neil seized his opportunity to be real life physics as acceleration turned into collision turned into inertia as Boychuk hit the ice hard and Neil looked as though he may have put his shoulder out on the play.

Take a look. Brace for impact.

A sidebar to all this: clean hit. My initial thought was that it may have been a charge but Neil clearly stops striding, uses his shoulder and body and hits Boychuk square in the chest. Just a good ole fashioned hit.

I may or may not have sympathy pains right now.

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  1. BS! Watch the hit, it is to the head and Neil’s shoulder and arm follow through to emphasize the high hit. If this hit doesn’t warrant a suspension, Shannahan needs to get his eyes checked.

    • If you freeze frame it at the point of contact Neil’s elbow is tucked and his skates are on the ice. Any contact to Boychuk’s head is a by-product of the fact his head is down and he cranes his neck to make the cross ice outlet pass. The head isn’t targeted whatsoever. The follow through is more a result of the force of the hit.

      • Totally agree with your view on the hit Chris. At first I thought it might have been an elbow too, but it was just the follow through. Such a brutal hit, and I’m enjoying it more now that I realized everything about it was clean.

    • Obvious Bruins fan, and not a hockey fan JC, because you have no idea what a clean hit is obviously. It was a perfect hit, shoulder tucked and to the chest. If you are going that speed and hit someone there will be obvious follow-through, it’s called physics.

    • That’s follow through, not contact. In case your really bling the impact knocked him backwards as wel. Perfectly clean hit on a guy who just wasn’t looking.

  2. I’m a huge Bruins fan, and that was a clean, devastating hit.

  3. Very clean hit. One of the best hits of the year in my opinion. Not only was it brutally hard, it wasn’t a headhunt either. Boychuk was carrying the puck along the boards with his head down and got rocked. It was a recipe for disaster and 100% clean. Neil gets even more respect for stepping up and fighting the big man (and winning).

  4. I’m a diehard Blackhawks fan, a fan of huge hits and good fights, and more a fan of the Bruins than of illegal hits. I went frame-by-frame and just like Kronwall tends to do, Chris Neil leaves his feet and extends his elbow through the head. There is no way he doesn’t get suspended upon review. I give him props for accepting Chara’s challenge and not throwing punches down towards Chara when he was on his back, but he does NOT win the fight by any means. Great strategy getting in tight and spinning around with Chara a few times before wiping them out together, but I’m Neil threw three meaningless/missed punches, absorbs a couple from Chara, and somehow that’s “winning”? Yeah, “winning” just like Charlie Sheen.

  5. It’s called follow through. The elbow comes out after the shoulder makes principle contact to the chest..

    Same thing with him leaving his feet. He only leaves his feet, after the impact is made with Boychuk.

    Lastly, I agree with what you said about the Chara/ Neil fight. I only gave Neil the win because it takes Chara off the ice and Sens score 2 goals when Chara’s in the box. Taking Chara and Neil off for 5 minutes is not a fair trade on Boston’s behalf.

  6. You just can’t hit a guy cleaner than that. Period.

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