Those three guys are a big reason why

Boy that Bruce Boudreau guy really sucks at coaching. It’s his fault the Washington Capitals weren’t getting it done. Look at how well they’ve rebounded since they canned him! Anaheim were a bunch of fools for hiring him. They haven’t done anything. Let’s trade Bobby Ryan AND Ryan Getzlaf! That’ll fix everything!

Funny thing, hockey. Just a few short weeks ago we were speculating on which Ducks would be headed out of town and for what. Now, they’re just a handful of points outside of the playoffs and Bruce Boudreau probably should be in the talks for the Jack Adams if they pull it off. The team which forced us all to speculate as to how so much talent was getting so few results is now on the verge of being right where they should have been all along.

If the Ducks find a way to complete their comeback, it’ll be the biggest in NHL history. Fail for Nail? No chance as Randy Youngman informs us.

If the Ducks make the playoffs this season, it would qualify as the biggest comeback in NHL history since the current playoff format was adopted in 1993-94.

That season, the Ducks’ inaugural year in the NHL, was also the season in which the New York Islanders rallied to reach the Stanley Cup playoffs after being as many as 12 points out of the eighth and final playoff spot.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, no team has been farther out of contention than that and advanced to postseason play since the top eight teams in each conference became the automatic qualifiers.

That distinction, however, would be obliterated if the Ducks’ late-season surge results in a playoff berth, because on Jan. 6 the team was 20 points out of the eighth spot in the Western Conference.

The Ducks players have had mixed reactions to finding out about the record, as evidenced by Teemu Selanne and Corey Perry.

Making history hasn’t been a motivating factor because the players weren’t even aware of that possibility until now. But Teemu Selanne’s eyes lit up when informed of the record his team has a chance to smash.
“That could be a great business card for this team,” a smiling Selanne said after Saturday’s practice at Anaheim Ice. “I think we all know that we came from far away to get back in the race, but I don’t think anybody is satisfied, and that’s a good thing. We just have to keep pushing and pushing.”

Corey Perry, the Ducks’ leading goal scorer and reigning Hart Trophy winner, said the team is more focused on winning each game than making the playoffs and making history.

“We’re not even thinking about that,” he said Saturday when told of the historical significance of this run. “We’re just trying to keep piling up the wins and piling up the points.”

This would be a pretty spectacular piece of history when you consider how far back the Ducks have come from. 20 points is a ton of hockey to make up over the course of a season, let alone over a span of eight weeks. Don’t expect Bobby Ryan to go spouting off about that, though.

Bobby Ryan sounded as if he didn’t want to know about the record the Ducks are chasing.

“I don’t think anybody in this room is aware of that, and I certainly won’t tell anybody,” he said.

But couldn’t it be motivational?

“I just want to let this train keep rolling,” Ryan said. “Hopefully, nobody ever finds out. It’ll be our little secret.”

Do you think the Ducks will pull it off? They’re just four points out as of Saturday and look as dangerous as ever.

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