That pretty much sums it up

The Leafs are falling fast (no pun intended). They’ve been dismal since the moment Mats Sundin called upon Leafs fans to rally behind a young, exciting team looking to make noise. They’ve effectively pitched all the goodwill they earned after two great games against the Pittsburgh Penguins out the window. Since then they’ve been flat every time they’ve hit the ice, the goaltending has been flogged and Ron Wilson is progressively saying more and more things that can only be characterized as gas on the fire.

I’m not entirely sure what is wrong with the Leafs. Every time I watch them play I’m literally at a loss. I don’t understand how a team that looked to be peaking at the right time in January has turned around and been so dismal since. Literally the only competitive part of this roster has been the Kessel-Lupul-Bozak line. Even Mikhail Grabovski who has been hailed as the heart and soul of the team has totally fallen off during this slump. The defense has been atrocious in every way.

I’m almost tempted to say that the Leafs ought to trade for Rick Nash AND Dustin Brown and just figure out the rest later. At least the team would be entertaining which is more than I can say for them right now. Fans would have a reason to tune in. They really shouldn’t be from here on out if things stay pat.

There’s a saying I quite like that goes: When you’re winning you’re not as good as you think and when you’re losing you’re not as bad as you think. I generally abide by that rule when trying to evaluate a team’s performance, but for the Leafs I’m starting to think it may be as bad as we think. One thing that’s for certain is when things aren’t going well you make your opposition look really good.

On that note, check out this save by Michal Neuvirth on Carl Gunnarsson. On a good stretch, that puck goes in. Instead we get a nice highlight.

How would you solve the Leafs problems folks? Folding the team is not an option.

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