What a happy guy

Hockey people are people – I know this is a massive revelation to some people, but they can’t ALWAYS be robots. From time to time we’re lucky enough to peer into their personalities. Occasionally this is horrifying and completely regrettable, but at others this is actually pretty funny and genuine.

Alain Vigneault provided us with one of the latter last night.

In case you didn’t know Vernon Fiddler, he probably has my favorite name in hockey. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. Vernon Fiddler. He sounds like someone who would play in your local pub every Tuesday. What I didn’t know about Vernon Fiddler before seeing Vigneault in the following video is that Fiddler apparently does one hell of a Kevin Bieksa impression. I’ve never seen it, but Bieksa and Vigneault did and they really, really loved it.

I’m kinda surprised AV didn’t need a moment to stop and slap his knee. Take a look.

Forget trade deadline coverage, we need to get Vernon Fiddler on national television doing this impression. I’m really optimistic for it.

Who would you want to see an NHL impression of? I think someone out there could probably do a mean Bryzgalov.