Heading to the Music City

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Kostitsyn brothers will be reunited in Nashville shortly. The pieces moving between the two teams are unclear right now beyond the fact that Andrei is heading to Nashville.

Nashville’s need for offensive talent can’t really be undersold as their defense first system is only going to take them so far if they don’t add people that will pot the occasional goal for them. Obviously the Kostitsyn brothers have chemistry and if one coach could keep them in line, you’d figure it was Barry Trotz.

I’ll be filling in details as they develop.

If Jeff Carter and Mike Richards can be reunited, why not the Kostitsyns?

UPDATE w/ANALYSIS: The Predators are sending a second round pick in 2013 and the conditional pick they received for Hal Gill in return for Andrei Kostitsyn. All in all this seems to be a positive move from a hockey perspective for the Predators. They give up very little in the grand scheme of things and pick up a guy with money in the bank 20 goal scoring ability. On a team starving for offence to help them out down the stretch, this is a solid pick up for the Preds.

From a Montreal perspective I’m not sure what they are trying to accomplish right now and this probably won’t be too much more clear until we see what else they do. It’s clear they want to stockpile draft picks, but getting a pick back that they traded just a little while back isn’t exactly a step towards the future, it’s taking back what you already had. Let’s also not forget that this second rounder isn’t on the clock until next season. All in all this seems to be a move by the Habs meant to clear some cap space, get a moody player out of the room and see what they can get. It serves their purpose but doesn’t necessarily improve the team in a distinct way.

Here’s an interesting way of framing it courtesy of Chris Johnston, lead hockey writer for the Canadian Press.

Who do you folks give the edge to?