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Brian Lee has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Matt Gilroy. With the deal the Senators offload arguably the biggest bust in the franchise’s recent history while the Tampa Bay Lightning add yet another bottom pair defenceman. For Ottawa, Gilroy is a nice player to add given his offensive skillset and his impending UFA status.

Lee is a low risk, high reward type of player for Tampa Bay given that his development in Ottawa didn’t go very well. However, like Aulie, in a defensive system like the one Boucher runs and with a young nucleus of guys on the blueline there is potential for them to come together as a solid unit. With that in mind, in the case of Lee, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve seen him play some pretty bad games in Ottawa.

Gilroy is a bit of an interesting add for the Sens given how offence heavy their defensive corps is. When you consider that their top three defensemen are Erik Karlsson, Filip Kuba and Sergei Gonchar, the Sens are pretty offense heavy. I’d be a bit worried about their play in their own end come playoff time, should they make it, but at the same time he can’t be any worse than Brian Lee has been there.

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  1. Chris I’ve seen # 4 play plenty more bad games than Lee. Should of kept Lee and shipped #4 you donkey

    • If you’ve noticed how bad Phillips has played at times, scouts and GMs have. Lee still has a future, Phillips doesn’t, especially at 3x the price tag.

    • Lee had played well for the Sens the past month or so. Not sure about Gilroy defensively; Lee was much better in that regard.

      And um, as for Phillips, he has been probably the second best defenceman behind Karlsson since he hit 1000 games.

      • Lee, to me, is the ultimate sell high. He has had a great couple of weeks, but really isn’t a long terms solution in the lineup.

        Phillips’ speed and age are both concerns for me, especially when this team heads into the postseason. I’d take Kuba over him every time personally.

  2. Uhhmm….really? Check Ottawas record this with and without lee in the line up especially the last 13-14 games he has played. Zero regulation losses and 1 ot loss (I believe). Lee was developing into a solid 2 way defenseman.
    I have watched nearly every game this season and I assure you he is a solid NHL d man.

    • Lee plays the most insignificant minutes of any defenceman in Ottawa’s lineup with the exception of Carkner. His presence in the lineup affecting wins and losses is the equivalent to saying that Toronto lost their last game because Komisarek didn’t play.

      • I think that before you make such silly statements as the one regarding komisarek (really the same?) you should talk to someone who has watched this team play regularly? Denis potvin and dean brown have given lee credit for settling cowen down when he was slumping a month ago.
        While he is a third pairing defenseman I am pretty sure his presence in the line up as opposed to say, carkner has a bearing on the outcome of the game. To suggest otherwise is silly. As silly as saying phillips hold little trade value due to his play.
        Wow I’ve just wasted a lot if time :)
        Thanks for weighing in on this deal.

        • You’re a fan, I get it. But Lee isn’t a good defenceman. As an RFA on a playoff team the Sens would have kept him if they felt he had a legitimate future but they don’t.

          I live in Sens region. I see this team a lot.

  3. Sens were 12-0-1 with Lee in the lineup this year… guess you forgot to factor that stat while you were hating away eh Lundy? Either way, as a massive Sens fan i must say i have not heard of Matt Gilroy and i am very skeptical about this deal… i am not a huge fan of Lee so i’m fine with parting ways… just don’t know anything about this Gilroy dude… hope it works out.

  4. didn’t mean for that to come off so douchey haha… my bad Lundy. I just hope this Gilroy guy fits in nice… don’t think the sens need to be shaken up too much right now.

    • No hard feelings, you disagree with someone on the internet. It’s a big deal, I get it.

      On that note, I’d love to know what Anderson’s save percentage was in those games. :)

  5. Brian Lee, was touted as having a higher ceiling then Jonathan Toews, when they were at University of North Dakota..

    I never understood that, Lee had a lot of bad moments in crucial games. Again, he reminds me so much of Erik Johnson’s status when they were 17-18 year olds, highly touted by the media machine before the draft, about how d-man take time to develop blah blah blah…

    Sorry, but Erik Johnson #1 ALL TIME draft bust ever, Brian Lee is up there for draft busts!

    Have to agree with you Lundy, but his development wasn’t hindered playing for the Fighting Sioux, he needed to stay longer, develop more.

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