This is why

Joe Corvo feels hard done by and he’s willing to duel Kyle Turris to defend his honor. In Saturday night’s game against the Ottawa Senators, Corvo took what he feels is a cheap shot from Turris and has been banged up as a result.

Regardless of the nature of the hit, Corvo was not too happy with the fact that Brendan Shanahan opted not to discipline Turris for it. And, according to Joe Haggerty, he’ll be more than happy to do it himself.

“Let’s just say I’ll be looking for him right off the bat,” said Corvo. “I’m not [happy]. Two days I’ve been walking around with a headache. Just because I didn’t lay down on the ice and get carted off and miss a period . . . I don’t know . . . it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a cheap shot.

“In my opinion he saw my numbers and took the opportunity to seek revenge for the game prior when we were at home. Hopefully he’s a man and he’ll step up tomorrow when I come after him. I’m not going to try and hurt him, but I want to fight him.”

Corvo isn’t a fighter – in fact he got into his first NHL scrap earlier this season with the Bruins – and clearly neither is Turris. So the B’s defenseman felt that dropping the gloves to settle their differences is the honorable thing.

“I think so. It was a cheap shot. From what I heard I stayed on the ice for a second, but from what I was told he stayed on the ice and acted like he was hurt,” said Corvo. “It was just another indicator he felt like he was wrong and was afraid somebody else was going to going to get him while sticking up for me.”

Here’s the actual hit itself:

Let’s also not forget Chris Neil’s exploits that night.

Regardless of what you think of the hit, tomorrow night’s Bruins/Sens tilt could get pretty interesting if tempers start to boil over. I highly encourage you all to watch.