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Keith Aulie has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Carter Ashton. This is a bit of an interesting trade from both sides as the Lightning seem to be stockpiling defensemen today while the Leafs pick up a solid young right wing prospect in Ashton.

Aulie is obviously a big, hulking defenseman with the capability to develop into a quality shutdown guy for the Lightning. In fact, I’d be really interested to see how Aulie fairs in the Guy Boucher system playing next to a guy like Victor Hedman or Eric Brewer which could form a solid pair.

In Ashton the Leafs are getting a gritty, high end prospect from Tampa Bay who will bring some goal scoring to the Leafs system. Basically he is a prototypical “Burke” type of player at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds with skill and plenty of speed.

All in all this is a positive trade for both squads, though I’ll give a slight edge to the Leafs on this one on getting a prospect of Ashton’s calibre after the season Aulie has had thus far and the fact that the Leafs have been looking for a way to fit Korbinian Holzer into the lineup for some time now.

Who’s your trade winner?

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  1. “BB smokes pole before riding the short bus home from work with Colangelo.” – A Leaf Fan that is sick of MLSE just making money and not caring about winning.

    Honestly this was the big trade of the day for the Leafs. The team is shit and this is the trade BB makes. WOW.

  2. The Leafs have no space under the salary cap and so cannot make any trades, unless a stupid GM would buy some expensive defenders from us: Komisarek, Schenn, Liles, and even Phaneuf.

    In this day and age, you have to pick where your money has to go. Unfortunately Burke spends his money on defenders:
    - Phaneuf is the highest paid player on our team
    - Komisarek makes more money than Perry, Ryan, etc etc

    There are teams that are at a worse position in terms of salary cap overage, like the Blackhawks, Bruins but at least those teams have won a cup!

    I guess all GMs have to take a gamble, but Burke’s haven’t paid off so far.

  3. If anyone thinks that Burke had a potential to make a trade for, say, a Nash-like player, that made sense and that he decided not to … they are an idiot.

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