Off to Florida in spite of earlier Tampa reports

Mike Commodore is heading to the Tampa Bay Lightning for probably the worst thing you could ever be traded for. Commodore was traded for a CONDITIONAL seventh round pick. That’s literally about as bad as it gets. Seriously, that’s it?

That trade is the equivalent to a waiver claim on Commodore by the Lightning who said earlier today that they weren’t going to be active. What it means for Detroit is twofold:

1) They now have a $1 million in cap space that they didn’t have earlier.
2) They’ll probably draft the next Pavel Datsyuk with that conditional pick.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this was some sort of tie in to the Quincey deal these two teams made last week given that Detroit seemed to overpay, but it’s done nonetheless. Mike Commodore is a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I’m willing to bet he’ll need a ton.