A late blockbuster set the Canucks off

During every trade deadline some teams stand out among the rest, and this year’s edition was no different as the Nashville Predators, Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins all figured to be big players along with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks.

All of those teams put up big numbers in the social media circles today after their trade deadline antics. The Red Wings, who figured to play a larger role than they did, were only mentioned 5,742 times. Sure it seems like a lot, but when you compare that to the Predators who were active, picking up Andrei Kostitsyn and Paul Gaustad, and mentioned 8,888 times, it’s not that much activity.  The Red Wings have a much bigger fanbase though, as they had 9 million impressions to the Predators 12 million, despite the big disparity in tweets. Simply put, the Preds fanbase just doesn’t have the social media presence other teams do. Detroit on the other hand was expected to be active on deadline day but simply didn’t pull the trigger on anything. Kyle Quincey was their big acquisition this past week.

The Stanley Cup combatants in Vancouver and Boston were also very active and close in terms of mentions. The Canucks were mentioned 12, 326 times to the Bruins 11,151, while the Canucks reached a much bigger audience with their 28 million impressions to the Bruins 15 million. Boston made several moves today, but they ultimately couldn’t keep up with the presence of the Canadian teams online who really dominated twitter.

The Canucks had the highest number of tweets at a given time because of the Hodgson-Kassian swap which broke at 3:35 pm.

As we explored in our last infographic, the Leafs rule the roost with over 30, 000 mentions and 40 million impressions.

The Tweet Tracker shows us a nice balance between which teams were busy on trade deadline day and which teams have the most active fanbases.

Data Source: Sysomos