Off to Minnesota

Tom Gilbert is off to Minnesota in exchange for fellow defenceman Nick Schultz. That’s right folks, we have our first trade involving actual players!!! What’s actually kind of shocking is how much these guys make. It’s a little silly.

Before we get into all of that, it should be noted that Tom Gilbert is a Minnesota native so this should be a nice homecoming for him. Minnesota fans really rally around the local guys so I expect that this will be a positive pickup for them. Schultz is your the definition of steady D-man. Good, not great but is ultimately capable of getting the job done.

What gets a little confusing about these guys are the price tags they come with. Many of you may be surprised to find out that Tom Gilbert is a $4 million cap hit while Schultz is a $3.5 million cap hit. Both players are signed on through the end of 2014 and both are probably overpaid. That being said, I’ll give the edge to Gilbert in being a bigger waste of cap space given that he really isn’t that great. For those of you who will be shocked to find out that he was the Oilers top paid defenseman which kind of makes sense as to why they are where they are in the standings. If Tom Gilbert is your premier defenseman, contractually, we have a problem.

Ideally this will be a positive deal for both teams in that Gilbert will get a fresh start on his “homestate” team, the Oiler will get a guy who can play some steady minutes at a cheaper price tag.

Who’s your trade winner?