You would be surprised to see the similarities between the day after trade deadline day, and a morning after a night of drinking/partying.  This year is no different. You stumble out of bed confused, parts of your body hurt and you have no idea why, and you find yourself scanning the room for clues of what might have happened the day before. A couple of minutes later you begin mumbling things to yourself like “I can’t believe that happened”, or “I hope he is OK” and “water….I NEED water”. The inevitable text comes soon after from your friends inviting you to your favourite breakfast spot  to help turn the day around. This is where you can not only rehash, but more importantly clarify what the hell happened. In between bites of bacon, the following conversation starters would be said by someone at the table…

“Dude, the place was dead for most of the night. It wasn’t until right before last call before it picked up.”

Most people thought it would be a slow deadline day, but with less than an hour left you could count the trades on one hand. I really thought we were going to see our fist single digit deadline day since 1993. Eventually things picked up and we finished with 15. It was like the moment you and your friends decide that you are leaving a bar and just as you are heading for the door … a bachelorette party comes in.

“Did you see Burke? It wasn’t even 12 o’clock and he already had his tie off.”

We have seen Brian Burke’s tie loose, we’ve seen it completely undone, but right off? That was a new one! We have all seen that guy who doesn’t pace himself, and is a full blown mess while everyone else is just getting warmed up. Burke was one step away from twirling it around over his head.

“Dude, forget the tie, he went off about deadline days, and trade freezes and the pressures of playing in Toronto” (entire table rolls eyes)

Yup, Brian Burke said that he is considering implementing a trade freeze 10 days before the deadline next year because the trade deadline day is “murder on the players in Toronto”. This is like your drunk buddy talking about all the changes he is going to make in his life starting the next day: “I swear man, I’m gonna go to work tomorrow and tell my boss to take this job and shove it. He is such a jerk and I’m gonna do something about it. I’m travelling around the world man”.

“It’s really too bad about Cody, he’s a good guy” (this breakfast took place in Vancouver)

The trade that saw Cody Hodgson sent to Buffalo was definitely a surprise. This kid has a ton of skill and has 16 goals this year in what is his first full season in the league. It’s one of those moves that while it is surprising, you also understand why it was done. Kind of like when a friend pulls you aside in a crowded bar and tells you he got some new job and has to leave town. While you are sad to see him go, you still do a celebratory shot at the bar.

(New friend stumbles into restaurant) “Hey guys, have you guys seen Scotty? He said some things last night that he probably shouldn’t have said”

Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson was unable to move the most prized piece of trade bait in Rick Nash yesterday, that wasn’t too much of a shock. The shock came after the deadline when he let the hockey world know that it was Nash who approached the team and requested a trade and not the other way around like it had been reported. I still have no idea what his motivation was. This is kind of like the guy who knows that his girlfriend is going to break up with him in the near future, so uses this drunken night to say something like…”yeah, well, member when you cheated on me?”

Just like a real hangover, there is not much a cure for Deadline Day hangover. Rest up, drink your fluids and hope that it’s over soon!


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