The five big names on the day

We’ve gone team by team, we showed you the insanity of Leafs nation and we broke down the early goings on during the deadline. Here are the top tweeted players during this year’s trade deadline.

Obviously the two big ones to sneak in here are Cody Hodgson and Zack Kassian. Neither player was expected to move during the deadline, but they ended up being exchanged for one another after all. At 3:35 pm when their trades broke they became the most talked about traded players on the day. Kassian led all traded players in number of mentions despite, realistically, still being a prospect.

Rick Nash was obviously the big name to be thrown out there and has been for some time now. As people played the will he or won’t he game, he was mentioned over 17,000 times and reached a potential of 16 million impressions. These numbers will be interesting to revisit once the Blue Jackets are able to explore trades for him again.

Kostitsyn was the first player to be dealt on the deadline and was the closest player to Nash territory, impression wise. His 11,014 mentions garnered him the potential to reach 15 million impressions. Not too bad for a guy who nobody knew would be getting dealt on Monday.

All in all, trade deadline day is a fascinating way to see how we talk hockey online and all the ways it can possibly break down. Even if it was a bit of a dud by history’s standards, thanks for taking part folks. It was a ton of fun for me.

Data Source: Sysomos