It was….a lot.

When one of the game’s best players is rumored to be moved, it’s fairly interesting. Columbus fans want every piece of information they can get, as do the fans of the teams he may be getting traded to, as do the rest of us who just want to watch how the NHL landscape is going to change.

And with that, you get conversation. …Well, rumours, hearsay and speculation, really.

It all adds up to a lot of chatter. Talk a look:

Jeesh. Imagine if he’d actually gotten traded.

If you missed them on deadline day, we ran three other infographics. On Leafs fans, on the most active teams, and on the names that were tossed around the most.

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  1. I enjoyed these Twitter infographics a lot. Just curious: how did you collect that data? Is there a particular program that allows you to track such info?

    • I’m not 100% up on how our tech guys do it, but yes – it’s not manual labour, they have some sort of program.

    • I’m sure they used some sort of social media analytics tool like ViralHeat or TweetReach to gather the data. I”m always impressed at the graphic artists work putting together the imagery with that data.

  2. Hey guys, just to clarify on this (old topic) we used Sysomos ( to gather the twitter data!

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