Apparently Leafs fans aren’t all that pumped about the (poor-to-quite-poor) performance of the Toronto Maple Leafs of late, and they’d like to see Ron Wilson replaced by, oh, anyone.

On top of discussing the “Fire Ron Wilson chant” in today’s podcast, Pizzo and I also talked about….

* Ron Wilson and Brian Burke’s job safety if the Leafs miss playoffs again

* The Phoenix Coyotes in February, and more specifically, Dave Tippett’s career performance during that month. (He wins. A lot.)

* Behind the scenes of a Deadline Day show. We eat pizza.

* Should lame duck player Rick Nash still have the “C”?

* Wagering Wednesday, in which Pizzo gets to turn the tables on Bourne

* And as always: much, much more.

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  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast, and probably won’t until tomorrow, but what the heck is the problem with Leafs’ fans and media that cover them? They are bi-polar for crying out loud.

    I remember earlier in the year the accolades being sung about Wilson as a coach because Kessel was on top of the scoring race, Joffrey Lupul was finally producing like he was expected to for many years, and goaltending was not a huge issue.

    As the saying goes: nobody cares about your faults when you are winning. Did anyone really think that Toronto would have a chance?

    Think about this: there are three division in each conference and the 8 playoff team for the conference come from that division. Automatically, the division winner gets a playoff spot. So really you have 12 teams fighting for 5 playoff spots. Very rarely will there be more than 3 teams from one division in the playoffs – usually that division features the Columbus Blue Jackets or Edmonton Oilers (a team that is AWFUL).

    So, you need to be in the top three in your division to stand a chance of getting into the playoffs. Is Toronto in the top three of their division? The answer, at the moment is yes, but before the season began it was a no. Boston was obviously good and even with their recent slide, they still remain in first because the rest of the division is scary bad, like humungous. The next team I had pegged was Buffalo. I knew the team itself wasn’t the greatest but they have one of the best goaltenders in the game today. Unfortunately, he got hurt and hasn’t been the same Ryan Miller who kept Buffalo competitive recently. Ottawa took their place, and surprisingly so as a really competitive team. I expected the Leafs and Sens to be neck and neck, instead it is the Leafs and Sabres. The Habs, for anyone who follows hockey, are a horrible team that plays in front of one of the leagues best goaltenders. We’ll probably never realize how good Price is as long as he stays in the abyss of an organization that is the Montreal Candiens.

    Toronto currently sits in 3rd in their division, giving them a chance at the playoffs. They are one of the 12 teams competing for the final five spots. Can they make it? Sure! if they do, what are the media and fans to do? Praise Wilson again?

    So, when looking at the conference standings I realized something – The Southeast division does not have a single team (including division leader) with a positive goal differential.

  2. I don’t remember anyone praising Wilson at any point. Even when they were playing well and winning, their special teams were awful. Teams made adjustments to shut down there speed and one-dimensional approach, and Wilson did nothing to adapt. In fact, I would say that 90% of Leaf fans were not thrilled with the hiring of Wilson in the first place., let alone 4 years later in the situation we find ourselves in now.

    It is fairly evident to everyone in the hockey universe that he is not a spectacular motivator, and in fact his own personal attitude seems to be rather nonchalant and I’m not sure he gives a damn; why would he, when he has such a comfortable position with a boss that is an old chum.

    Toronto may be lacking talent, in the long run. There is some, but through poor drafting and a complete disregard for pursuing a true star player through free agency, we as Toronto fans are yet again wallowing in mediocrity. Burke needs to get over himself, and work with the system instead of fighting it. Bringing a star player to Toronto is gonna require a contract of 5-6 years or more.

    I say we mitigate any further damage being done to our reputation and our players, and fire the selfish prick. He has obviously lost the confidence of the fans and players, and should have lost the confidence of management, but we all know why that hasn’t happened yet. After that, take a long hard look at Burke as well. Put him on a clock.

  3. Who give a flying f ____- about Da Buds and anything concerning them, besides The Little Apple and the scores of wanna be sports reporters who are desperate for fodder to keep their cushy jobs going. Boo hoo! Da Buds haven’t been worth a drop of ink for 45 years and will continue to be just that for a long time yet.

  4. Oh, I’m sorry, you must have mistaken us for people who would give a fuck about the opinion of someone who would say “Da Buds”. I’m guessing Canuck fan by your general mental condition.

  5. Technical question here: I listen via the player on the page, and it seems to be quite glitchy. Halfway through it skips back and starts playing from an earlier time, and towards the end entire sections disappear (eg around 33min mid converstation on hating on Twitter it suddenly skips to halfway through Wagering Wednesday.)

    Is it sloppy editing? Is it just me? Or is it the player acting up?

    • Hey Perdita,

      It’s definitely not an editing issue. I would bet the player is just glitching out. Best thing to try is probably just refreshing the page. Thanks for listening! Hope the show plays better for you in future!

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