I’ve seen it tossed around on the Twitters a few times this morning: was Devin Setoguchi’s “shootout fail” the worst/best/fail-iest of all-time? (Quick aside here – I hate the way we use the word “fail” these days, but in this context it only seems to make sense.)

Before we get to the video evidence, the short answer: no.

It’s not the worst NHL shootout attempt of all-time because once upon a time Dennis Wideman played for the St. Louis Blues.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the truly horrible attempts we’ve seen. First, here’s Setoguchi’s puck loss, skate chatter/fall combo:

That Wild/Habs game was pure mayhem, so that’s a really great call by Jim Hughson. “After all we’ve seen tonight, I can say that that didn’t surprise me one bit.” It’s awesome cause he sounds unsurprised.

Tampa Bay Lightning sniper Steven Stamkos gave “worst shootout attempt ever” a run last year too, if you recall:

Woosh, that’s a real contender right there, mostly because of the long, slow slide into the boards. And I know, technically that was a penalty shot and not a shootout attempt, but whatever, same deal.

Wasn’t the little skate blade check on the way to the bench a nice touch? There’s no way you just kinda fell, eh Stammer?

There’s a whole other category of shootout suckery out there: the fan. There’s been a number of times when guys have lost the puck on the way in (I even recall Marcus Naslund over-skating the puck right off the bat), but the fan has to be worse, right? I mean…Raffi Torres….


Lee Stempniak’s fan wasn’t as bad a few years back, but it certainly wasn’t what you’d call “good.” Check out the replay around 30 seconds in to see that, nope, the stick doesn’t break, he just loses it off the toe:

At least when you fan on the puck you made it all the way to the net and gave your teammates hope. When you just dump it in….not so much. I give you, Andrew Ladd:

Was that in HD? Wow. 1080p right there. The poor picture quality might actually be a good thing on that one though – I assume everyone in attendance went blind immediately after watching that.

In the end though, there’s no denying the worst mess-up of all. Dennis Wideman looks like Lucy just pulled away the football as he tried to give it his best Charlie Brown punt.

Boom. Worst ever. Solid hangtime though.

By the way: how is it possible that there was a time where the shootout existed but video quality was this bad? Man we’ve come a long way.