If Jaromir Jagr has proven anything to the hockey world this season, it’s that he can still play this game. Last night he picked up his 44th point of the season, but more importantly it was the 1642nd point of his career to move him past Joe Sakic into 8th on the all time points list. His resume is one that about 98% of players who have played in this league would envy. 2 Stanley Cups, 5 scoring titles, a Hart Trophy, an Olympic gold, and more highlight goals than you can count. However there are still some things in Jagr’s career I would love to change. I would love to pull a Biff Tannen and steal the delorean to go back in time and make some changes (OK, I know that didn’t turn out so well and Marty and the Doc had to fix everything, but a man can dream can’t he? By the way, I’m watching all three Back to the Futures this weekend now)

I wish Jagr never played in the KHL

Back in 2008 the lure of big money contracts had quite a few players heading to Russia to play in the KHL and Jagr was one of them spending three years with Omsk Avangard. Let’s take the last 2 years he spent in the NHL and also his numbers from this season. He put up 211 points in 218 games for an average of 0.97 points per game. If he kept up that pace (and played 3 injury free seasons) , we are looking at 238 more points. That would bring him all the way up to 3rd all time, and only 7 points behind Mark Messier for 2nd.

I wish Jagr stayed in Pittsburgh his entire career
To me this means two things, he would have played 127 more games with Mario, and 420 games with Sidney Crosby. There would have actually been 26 games where all three would have been in the line-up at the same time. If I was coaching against a team that had those three on their powerplay I would tell my players that if they got so much as a tripping penalty, they would sit for the rest of the season.

I wish he had signed with Pittsburgh in the offseason

If I couldn’t get my wish of a Pittsburgh only career, this one would have been my second choice. However this one is interesting. Many people point to Claude Girioux’s strong play this season and say that Jagr is a big reason for that, while others say that it’s the other way around. Either way you look at it their chemistry has been amazing this year. Would he have had the same chemistry playing with the leading scorer in the NHL right now in Evgeni Malkin? Well this was something he thought about before signing with the Flyers, saying “If I were playing in Pittsburgh, Crosby and Malkin are both left handed. I don’t think I could play there. I don’t think I would have a chance to play there.”.

I wish Jagr never cut his mullet

It’s common knowledge that Jagr’s mullet contained the magic powers that allowed his stick to do what it did. Who knows what his numbers would look like today if he had decided not to pay a visit to Brutus the Barber Beefcake!


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