Nice suit as always

Brian Burke has undoubtedly been one of the top newsmakers in the NHL within the last week. Come to think of it, Brian Burke is a newsmaker every week when he walks up to a mic. However, in the last seven days his refusal to make any meaningful moves at the deadline, coupled with his prompt dismissal of Ron Wilson despite his “vote of confidence” has people all chatty and stuff.

He’s about to be in the news a little longer.

Everyone’s favorite former Boston Bruins coach with an opinion, Donald S. Cherry, called Burke out tonight on Coach’s Corner for, among other things, his so-called “Americanization” of the Leafs and their lack of Ontario content on the team despite being the big name franchise in the province.

It’s actually one of the more entertaining segments Cherry has done in some time.

While we could debate about which side to take til we’re blue (and white?) in the face, Cherry makes some interesting points about the roster and it’s generally difficult to dispute the fact that they are totally craptacular right now, so I think I’ll leave it to everyone’s favorite blog readership in this one. Burke is no stranger to feuds (see: Lowe, Kevin AND Barn Fight) and it’ll be moderately entertaining to see how this plays out.

Who’s side are you taking gang? Cherry or Burke?