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The New York Islanders are pretty maddening in many ways, as I’m sure our blog’s editor Justin Bourne could tell you all about. This year’s edition is loaded with young talent and should, in theory at least, be better than they are. For what it’s worth they do seem to have their goaltending at least semi-figured out long term in the form of Evgeni Nabokov, who has been pretty spectacular for them this season. What gets especially frustrating with the Isles is when they beat teams they really have no business beating. Case in point on Saturday night: they topped the Boston Bruins.

Nabokov was a catalyst for the win as he made several crucial saves against Boston, turning aside 32 pucks and giving his team a chance. The Bruins had a glorious opportunity to at least muster a point in the contest but Nabokov shut the door late, making a dandy of a save with roughly 15 seconds to play.

Take a look:

What do you guys think of the Islanders going forward? Will they finally hit their potential or keep toiling in mediocrity?