At this point everyone and their mother knows that the Columbus Blue Jackets were looking for a king’s ransom from any team who were interested in their captain Rick Nash. While it may be argued that Nash’s trade value has decreased since he was run over by the bus Scott Howson threw him under, I’d say plays like the one you’re about to see make him just as valuable as ever.

A confession: Rick Nash is my favorite hockey player.

I love his combination of power and speed, he’s got as deadly a shot as you’re going to see and he has been largely exceptional while toiling away in anonymity. In a game absolutely nobody watched in person or otherwise tonight (no offense), Nash led the Blue Jackets over the Phoenix Coyotes 5-2 with a three point night off of two goals and an assist.

Here’s Nash’s beautiful helper off of his stomach.

Where do you gang rank Nash among the top players in the league? I think he’s pretty high up there when given a chance – 2010 Olympics anyone? – but I’m admittedly biased.