If you can play, You Can Play

Just terrific. More on this Monday.

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  1. That’s fantastic. No athlete should feel like they can’t participate because of their sexual orientation.

    +1000000000 for that video.

    • What’s with this idea that gay guys just go around looking to molest every dude within reach? Seriously, grow up son.

      • that’s wasnt my point at all. I’m saying, I don’t care if a dude is gay or not; so long as he respects the boundaries. Keep in mind, homosexual is a sexual distinction.

  2. That’s just fantastic. I love it.

    Hmmm, all of the related videos are poker videos…

  3. I hope that this initiative is just the beginning. The story of Brendan Burke is truly inspiring and the legacy that he has left is going to help a lot of people!

  4. Hey Justin,

    completely unrelated question but I wasn’t sure where to ask it and I ran out of characters on twitter. Just now in the Ottawa vs Florida game, the Sens were the PK and they drew a penalty, but kept control of the puck. With 5 minutes left to play, what is the best decision with the puck? The announcer was urging the Sens to just turn the puck over and play 4 on 4, but is it a smarter move to keep the puck away, play 5 on 5 until an eventual turn over and then have a 5 on 4 for a longer amount of time?

    • run back into your zone, try to draw the forecheck in and go for a hard stretch pass or deep lob pass.

  5. Very cool.

    Also, love the cut to Burke @ 0.28 where it looks like he might stab you if you disagree with him.

  6. score deleting comments now? when you have bloggers posting articles using terms like “cocksucker”….that’s pretty rich.

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