If you ever complete a math equation and get ??? you did it wrong.

“No pressure, we’re hiring you to save our season and hopefully be less of a surly character than your predecessor” – Excerpt from a speech given from Brian Burke to Randy Carlyle

Carlyle has the weight of the frustrated hockey world on his shoulders from here on out and it’ll be a new feeling for him. The guy has emerged from the coaching obscurity that comes with being the bench boss in Anaheim to the spotlight in Toronto. His opening cast will also be much different – J.S. Giguere and Ilya Bryzgalov won’t be kicking around like his last debut.

Carlyle got off to a good start as Toronto’s coach as the Leafs shook off a poor start to beat the Habs by a 3-1 score. Mikhail Grabovski scored twice which will no doubt make him smile for some time, and Carlyle got that first ever win out of the way which no doubt decided a few friendly office coffee bets between Leafs and Habs fans which will turn into disputes over the parameters of said bet being altered after Wilson was canned.

He was pretty happy with how he handled things apparently.

Obviously this rebuild project is still coming along, but do you guys think the Leafs are closer to a Cup with Carlyle behind the bench vs. Wilson?