Pittsburgh Penguins writer Sam Kasan and Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have both reported the news out of Pittsburgh today: Sidney Crosby is once again cleared for contact and could play as soon Sunday.

Crosby missed 20 games to start the season before making his debut against the New York Islanders on November 21st, where he came out like a house on fire. He tallied two goals and two assists for four points, and followed that up by playing in seven straight games, racking up eight more points before an awkward run-in with David Krejci put him on the shelf again.

This time (and maybe all along) the problem was his neck – their was some damage to the C1 and C2 vertabrae, and he was experiencing concussion-like symptoms.

He’s missed 38 games since then, and an odd thing has begun to happen – some of us have started getting used to the NHL minus Crosby, and that’s just awful. He’s one of the most exciting players in the game, and we’re better off with him in it.

The Penguins have fared just fine without their captain, especially of late. They have the second-most points in the Eastern Conference, and find themself in fourth (division winners get top seeds), and looking at home ice in the playoffs. They’re 8-2 in their last ten, which begs the question: how good could the Pens be with the addition of the League’s best player?

Here’s what Crosby told Kasan about his progress:

And more, from Dave Molinari:

Exciting stuff for the Penguins, and the NHL.

It’s never fun to wonder what a team could have done if they were actually healthy. Hopefully this is the last time we’ll have to wonder that about the Penguins.

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  1. Who would “enjoy” bumping into Crosby? As a teammate I think I’d be scared to death I’d hit him and he would regress.

    • There are two types:

      1) those of us who are natural pests, who will hit anyone; and
      2) them who realize that Crosby being able to take a hit is cause for celebration.

      Crosby’s probably in camp #2 right now, and enjoying having to ice down.

  2. The league is better off when he’s healthy and playing full-bore, and I wish Sid the best.

  3. This is good news for my fantasy team. Bad news for 29 NHL teams.

    To be honest, I really hope he is able to play again without symptoms for a long time.

    Everyone has their faults and players are often not seen in a positive way while they are playing the game, but Crosby is the best player to have played the game since Gretzky. He may not have hands like Jagr or moves like Malik, but the guy plays harder than anyone else in the game.

    If you can take a step back to realize his ability, you’ll realize it is better for Crosby to be in the game than out of it.

  4. If he can finally stay healthy can you say Stanley Cup favourites

    • The issue there becomes his ability to stay healthy through what will be long, gruelling series with Boston and the Rangers.

      On the other hand, we may be dealing with a 87-88 or 92-93 Gretzky situation here, where missing part of the season allows him to be fresher for the playoffs.

  5. What’s the over under on games until he misses a game? I put it at a paltry 10 right now. After all we’ve been through with him, I’ll believe he’s back if he doesn’t miss a game until the playoffs.

  6. hes only one more hit away remember savard no ones gonna shy away from hitting the kid so hed better keep his head up???

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