I feel like there’s a pretty good chance my wife will eventually see the website “Bang4YourPuck.com” in my browser and conclude I’ve been watching a lot of porn lately, but I swear, this is a hockey site dear.

Quite simply, Bang4YourPuck seeks to find out who’s getting the most out of their contracts, point-per-dollar. Obviously not everyone’s job is to accrue points, so keep that in mind before considering certain guys busts.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting results you can dig up on the site:

Bang4YourPuck is divided into a number of different categories - overall, by salary, and by conference. For starters, the top 5 guys overall are listed below, with some thoughts.

The categories are cap hit, goals, assists, total points, and what they earn per point scored.


JAMIE BENN $821,700 18 32 50 $16,434
FRANS NIELSEN $525,000 13 18 31 $16,935
DAVID DESHARNAIS $850,000 14 36 50 $17,000
KYLE WELLWOOD $700,000 14 25 39 $17,949
RYAN O’REILLY $900,000 16 34 50 $18,000

I can’t believe how little Jamie Benn and Frans Nielsen are paid.

This is last season on Nielsen’s current four year deal that paid him just over two million total dollars (!) – next season he starts another four year deal where he earns an average of $2.75M. Garth Snow has quietly signed about five terrific deals in a row – if he were allowed to spend the money the Isles have accumulated under the cap they could be legit.

Benn, on the other hand, is just playing out the final year of his entry-level contract (he’s 22), so he’s in line for a sizable raise.

Also cracking the top 10 (head to the site to see the lists in their entirety) was Erik Karlsson, who earns an average of $19,697 per point.


From the list of “average earners” ($1-3M) category:

JORDAN EBERLE $1,158,300 28 33 61 $18,989
ERIK KARLSSON $1,300,000 15 51 66 $19,697
PA PARENTEAU $1,250,000 15 44 59 $21,186
LOGAN COUTURE $1,241,700 27 25 52 $23,879
NICK FOLIGNO $1,200,000 13 25 38 $31,579

The players on this list represent the ultimate goal with your middle of the road player signings. High-end return on low-budget contracts.

The five guys above have combined for 276 points so far this season (an average of 55.2 points), and the highest salary listed is Erik Karlsson’s $1.3 million. Not tooooo shabby.

There’s another name farther down this list that caught my eye too – Alexandre Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks earns a scant $2 million a year (and will earn the same next season) despite scoring 28, 35, and 26 goals over the past three seasons (and has 23 in 62 games this year). I’m aware that the Sedin factor helps, but that’s still a huge underpayment, especially when you consider he’s not just a one-dimensional offensive guy. The pesty/sandpaper part of his game is worth money too, and they’re getting it all for blue light special savings.

Now let’s graduate on to…


The high earners ($3-5 million)

CLAUDE GIROUX $3,750,000 23 52 75 $50,000
RAY WHITNEY $3,000,000 21 39 60 $50,000
RADIM VRBATA $3,000,000 30 25 55 $54,545
MATT MOULSON $3,133,300 28 28 56 $55,952
OLLI JOKINEN $3,000,000 20 33 53 $56,604

I’m zero percent surprised to see Olli Jokinen’s name in there after the surprising season he’s been having. Prior to the season I would’ve laid good money on him not showing up in this conversation, but he’s certainly proved me wrong.

Another thought: what’s Claude Giroux going to sign for when this contract is up, like, triple the number he’s making now? The Flyers have him at that cap hit through 2014, which is an absolute steal.

And last, how predictable that the Phoenix Coyotes have two guys in the top five. Don Maloney is a genius.


And last,

The Superstars ($5 mill plus)

PHIL KESSEL $5,400,000 32 36 68 $79,412
MARIAN HOSSA $5,275,000 27 37 64 $82,422
JASON POMINVILLE $5,300,000 23 36 59 $89,831
MARTIN ST LOUIS $5,625,000 22 39 61 $92,213
HENRIK SEDIN $6,100,000 13 53 66 $92,424

Obviously Daniel Sedin is just a couple names down on this list as well.

Kessel is having the type of season that justifies the big trade to get him, and he earns a modest salary for an elite point producer.

What I found most interesting was farther down on the list, somewhere around 15th was Ilya Kovalchuk. The 100 million dollar man is actually providing value for his team right now (especially when you consider the vast improvement in the non-point-producing facets of his game), which is something a lot of people were skeptical he could do when they put ink to paper in New Jersey.


I definitely recommend checking out the site, it’s very interesting. Take a look at your favourite team and find out who among your offensive producers has been a good deal for your team this year. Leafs fans, did you know you’re getting Cody Franson at $40,000 a point? That ain’t too bad.