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Gooood afternoon (or whatever time of day it is where you are). Today’s edition of the Backhand Shelf Podcast was a fun one.

At the end, we spend some time with Backhand Shelf writer Ellen Etchingham, who fills us in on how she came to be a hockey fan, and more importantly, how she came to be so damn good at writing about it.

We also touch on….

* What Crosby’s return means to the Penguins – will they become favourites in the East?

* Niklas Kronwall didn’t get suspended for putting Jakub Voracek into another dimension. I’m okay with it, Pizzo isn’t.

* Brian Burke hung up on a radio host for questioning his job status. Called him “gutless.”

* Dmitry Orlov shoved a linesman (as Pizzo put it “Elaine Benes style”). That’s frowned upon.

* Wagering Wednesdays. Last week’s winner picks a pret-ty, pret-ty cool name.

* And as always….much more.

You can listen to it here:

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  1. To begin with, I think the blog is exceptional. I haven’t got to the bit with Etchingham yet because I had to stop and comment but she is fantastic. She is a delight to read, I’m excited to put a voice to her words.

    Pizzo. What is Pizzo talking about here? Which video did Pizzo watch the see Kronwall leave his feet? Please, please just tell me you’re playing devils advocate here and you don’t really believe he left his feet for the hit. Also, you should be pronouncing your name like it was pizza but with an o at the end. If you want to be Italian you might as well be Italian.

    Justin, how do you put up with this guy?

    In all seriousness, I like the dynamic, keep up your ostensibly annoying act Pizzo but please stop taking shit from him Justin.

    I actually liked Milbury’s analysis on the Letang hit. I can’t remember the player who hit him, but Milbury’s point was that he could have played the puck but instead made no attempt at it. He’s arguing that the attacker was going into the corner with the sole intention of murdering Letang, that the puck was never taken into consideration and that perhaps that kind of thinking needs to change if people want to see less hits to the head and injuries and concussions and whatnot.

    If Letang puts himself in a vulnerable position, then Vorecek writes an instructional guide on the “how to” of vulnerable positions here. I don’t know how that can be tolerated out there. Vorecek has to look does he not? He at least can’t start walking out of his zone with the puck and his head down for 5 strides with guys like Kronwall out there. Forget Kronwall, a peewee kid could have figured that hit out for fucks sake. That’s embarrassing.

    Boy, it feels good to leave a comment I tell ya! Once again, keep up the good work. I can’t watch hockey on TV anymore so I really rely on this for analysis and thoughtful insight. Keep that Ectingham on the payroll for god’s sake. That piece on the PEI players getting stuck in the northumberland was Macleodian. Faithfully yours.

  2. Loved hearing Ellen talk about attitudes towards violence in hockey. I definitely think a lot of it is a generational thing and it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the next few years.

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