Penticton Vees celebrate their record. Pic from

I’m very proud when I get to tell people that I used to play for the Vernon Vipers of the BCHL. For those of you unfamiliar with the British Columbia Hockey League, it’s a Junior A league that churns out many an NHLer (from Brett Hull to Paul Kariya to Duncan Keith and many, many more), and sees a multitude of its players move on to play college hockey. I say I’m proud, because Vernon has quite the successful history in the league.

It was predetermined that our natural rivals would be the Penticton Vees (then the Penticton Panthers…sigh, I’m old) because of that age-old logic “their city is close to ours so BOOOOOO.”

So, this kind of caught my eye when I received it in tweet-form this morning:

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It turns out that total is both a Canadian and a North American junior record, surpassing the previous record of 40. They clinched the record by sneaking by the Trail Smoke Eaters in a tightly contested 10-0 game.

The just finished up the home portion of the schedule, going 29-0-0-1, earning 59 of 60 possible points. They tied the BCHL record with 108 points, and they have two games to play. They. Are. Good.

As an ex-Viper, I’m not even mad. I’m impressed. More-so than when Baxter ate that entire wheel of cheese.

Being that the League churns out so many NHLers, I figured I’d take to the league leaders list and get a few names on my radar for the future. Surely a team with that kind of record would have a few guys in the top-10 in scoring, right?



Did I say nope? Totally mispelled ”Yep” just there. Check this out:

For those of you slow on the uptake, that’s seven of the top 10 point-getters, and nine of the top 15. Seven of the nine have over 30 goals, one of them has 29, and the other, a defenseman, has 24. And this is in a 60 game season.

I was on a team that swept through playoffs in ’02-’03 and we didn’t have numbers anywhere close to this (47-12-1, according to a Google search).

So keep a look out for these guys en route to the Royal Bank Cup this year, and on their respective paths to the NHL. I kinda like their odds of being successful in the future.