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Hockey has been poaching fans from other industries and sports lately in case you haven’t noticed. Many of our Toronto readers surely know that the Toronto Blue Jays have become big hockey fans, forming Team Unit with their Maple Leafs brethren as one example of the crossover and bond.

On that note, it appears as though Chad Ochocinco of Cincinnati Bengals fame, currently of the New England Patriots, is the latest person of considerable celebrity to make the transition into hockey fandom.

Take a look at some Ochocinco twitter history.

First he let Scottie Upshall know that he was going to be taking in some Panthers hockey…


Which of course got a positive response from Scottie…

And prompted Shawn Matthias to step up to the plate…

And at some point someone taught Chad about Evgeni Malkin’s awesomeness

Obviously Malkin thought that was cool and now they’re bros…

And now Chad and Alexander Ovechkin appear poised to be buddies at some point.

This is one of the reasons I think social media and twitter specifically is so much fun. Where else are you going to see interaction like this? Just hilarious to see.

Which celebrity do you think would be the best hockey fan of all time? I think Jose Calderon (for now) of the Toronto Raptors would be pretty solid. Not only is the dude animated, he’s got a killer hat trick celebration in the bag.

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