Things are just different over there.

I’ve been known to bring you updates from across the world of hockey before, and I figured a month of exclusively North American hockey coverage was probably a little excessive SOOOOOOOOOOO here we are with a huge brawl from the EBEL during a playoff game between KHL Medveščak Zagreb and EC KAC.

Kudos to the Vancouver Sun for bringing this to my attention.

Basically what seems to have happened is Frank Banham of the Zagreb squad blindsides an EC KAC player in the slot. Obviously he gets penalized for this since that’s generally what happens in these scenarios, and he takes exception to the call, leaves the penalty box and calamity ensues. Here’s the box score. (!)

Basicallly, the whole thing game exploded and over 200 penalty minutes were handed out. Here’s the actual hit/brawl itself. Highlights include: Goalie throwing punches with blocker on, moustaches, ads on jerseys, and more!

What’s your best memory of a hockey game getting out of hand?