Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled a statue of Mario Lemieux, and when you think of guys who deserve that honour, Mario definitely falls into that category. I’m not going to go through his resume because I don’t need to, he was amazing. When pictures starting creeping around twitter of the statue, at first glance I thought it was of one of  Mario’s craziest goals when he split the D against the Leafs. Upon further review (and many corrections from my followers on twitter) , it was realized that it was  a goal against the Islanders in 1988.

A “typical” Mario goal for sure, but I was still surprised at the choice. You also  have to feel a bit bad for Rich Pilon and Jeff Norton, Mario kills them and it gets made into a statue!

There are so many other more famous Mario moments that would have made a great statue.

The goal against the North Stars in the ’91 finals (my favourite hockey goal of all time)

The ‘through the legs’ goal on Ray Bourque (although I’m sure they didn’t want to embarrass one of the greatest d-men in NHL history)

Winning goal in the 1987 Canada Cup (I know I know, no chance they do that in the States, but clearly one of his top 3 moments)

Or the safe shot of Mario with the Cup.

Got me thinking about what some present players statues would look like. Sure there is a VERY short list of players who actually deserve a statue, but that’s what blogs like this are for, to make things that will not EVER happen a reality. I’m going  take the Pens route on this and ignore their most famous goals and look for something a little different. Since I was sick the day they taught sculpting in school, we will have to settle for screen shots.

If they made a statue for Alexander Ovechkin, it would look like this…

Forget his goal against the Coyotes, his “I swear GAA” after his whole in one is what should be forever remembered for in his career

If they made a statue for former referee Kerry Fraser, it would look like this…

You wouldn’t even need Kerry in the statue. This image is a result of his most famous moment as a ref.

If they made a statue for Henrik Lundqvist it would look like this…

Wait, Lundqvist plays hockey? I thought he was just the most handsome man on earth.

If they made a statue for  Dion Phaneuf it would look like this…

Like this one actually needs an explanation!

If they made a statue for Patrick Kane  it would look like this…

Forget that silly little Stanley Cup winning overtime goal, this bronze statue in Chicago would live forever.

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